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Ways to Breathe a Little Easier This Holiday Season

A UV Air Sanitizer Can Help Keep Your Family Safe During The Holidays

The importance of having purified air in the home is more apparent this year than any previous year for many homeowners. People tend to stay inside during the winter anyway, and for those with respiratory issues or a weakened immune system, purified air is of the utmost importance. This is why UV air sanitizers are becoming an early go-to gift that’s good for the whole family. After all, who wouldn’t prefer to breathe better air at home?

Reasons to Invest in a UV Air Sanitizer This Holiday Season

Most people don’t realize that the air quality in the average home is actually worse than the air quality outside in regards to pollutant concentrations. The EPA estimates that indoor air has a concentration of pollutants 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors. And the fact is that most people spend the majority of their time in their home - particularly during a pandemic.

Investing in a UV air sanitizer can help protect the lungs of those most susceptible to airborne pollutants, like the very young and the elderly. It can also make a home’s HVAC system more efficient, which is a nice bonus.

UV light tubes

How Exactly Do UV Air Sanitizers Work?

UV air sanitizers use a type of ultraviolet light called UV-C light to change the molecular structure of viruses, mold, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants. These systems are generally used in conjunction with an existing HVAC system, although portable options are available.

For best results, these UV bulbs are placed directly in the line of airflow, like in the home’s vents. As the air passes through the UV-C light, harmful microbiological organisms are “sanitized.” The powerful light actually changes the DNA of the airborne microorganisms so they can’t produce and essentially become harmless to humans. This technology has been used for years in hospitals, labs, and other highly-controlled environments to kill harmful organisms on surfaces, in the air, and in water.

What’s the Difference Between UV Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers

drawing showing how particles enter an air purification

UV air sanitizers and air purifiers are different in a number of ways. Air purifiers typically use a filter (or several) to remove harmful particles from the air, operating in much the same way as a regular HVAC filter does. The difference is that air purifiers usually have filters that trap smaller particles than a typical HVAC filter. The filters on an air purifier don’t actually kill the airborne particles as a UV sanitizer does. Instead, they are trapped in a filter, which then has to be replaced.

Both systems can help to improve the air quality in a home. However, UV air sanitizers are generally more effective when incorporated into a home’s HVAC system. UV air sanitizers also don’t require filter changes, which means they require less maintenance in general. They rely on the home’s HVAC filter to catch the harmless particles after the UV-C light does its job to kill harmful airborne viruses, mold, and bacteria.

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