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Our aging-in-place experts will make your home easy to navigate no matter your need!

If you are a physically challenged person, with special or aging needs, who wants to stay in your current home, we have the solution for you. A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions, in Austin, TX, offers "aging-in-place" solutions to support your decision to stay put in your own home. We understand your home is your castle.Leaving your home is no easy feat. You are not just leaving behind sticks and bricks; you are leaving behind the place where memories were made. That is why the "aging-in-place" services we offer, at A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions so that you can easily get about your home without any restrictions. If you are a business owner, we make sure that your place of business is in federal and state ADA compliance so that physically challenged individuals can also visit your establishment.

A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions - Aging-In-Place & Accessibility Needs

No need to move to another house. A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions makes it possible for you to remain in your home until moving is your choice. We make your home accessible so you don’t have to go through the stress of moving out of your home.

Contact us today to speak to an accessibility expert about our "aging-in-place" solutions and continue to enjoy your home once again, no matter your age or your physical condition.

Your Austin "Aging-In-Place"

& Accessibility Needs Contractor

At A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions, we have the certifications (CAPS-Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist), experience, and the skill to develop a unique design to create a safer and more comfortable home. We can design customized solutions to accommodate individuals and families who require special accommodations inside their homes. We even can work together with your physical therapist or geriatric counselor to develop an at-home plan that best suits your growing needs.

A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions - ADA Compliant, Aging-In-Place Bathroom Design

Not sure if your home falls under the ECAD ordinance? Call our Austin, TX team to schedule an ECAD audit!

We Support Your Unique Accessibility Needs

We can make your home much more accommodating, barrier-free, and suited to your personal needs. Our consultants have experience working in many different areas of your home including:

  • Curbless Roll-In Showers
  • Grab Bars & Railings
  • Walk-In Bathtubs
  • Shower Seats
  • Doorways Widened
  • Ramp Installation
  • Stair Elevators
  • Adjustable Shower Heads
  • ADA Compliant Toilets
  • Levered Door Knobs
  • Wide Spread Faucets
  • Other Custom Modifications

Call A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions in Austin, TX at 512-450-1980 for all your home accessibility needs, aging-in-place solutions and construction that are ADA compliant, aging-in-place bathroom design, home modifications, remodeling, and more. Call for flat-rate prices and 365-day-a-year service.