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Resolving To Do Better for the HVAC System This Year!

Common Mistakes Homeowners Don’t Know About

Maintaining a home is a big job. Not only are there endless details to remember, but they can have serious financial consequences. When dealing with a home’s HVAC system, it is critical that homeowners use the best practices they can and hire a professional to help them manage the mind-boggling number of details and save them money by preserving their equipment and making sure it is operating efficiently. Here are a few practices that most homeowners don’t know about or simply forget to use. 

Using the Wrong Air Filter

The single most important step to maintaining an air conditioning system is keeping clean filters in place. Clean AC filters keep dust and debris from building up inside the moving parts of a heater or air conditioner and protect the indoor air in a home from dust, allergens, and pathogens. Remembering to change the filters is important, but since it is only required every couple of months, it can be easy to forget about. Using professional filter services can ensure that homeowners don’t forget this simple step and comes with added benefits like inspections. 

Installing the correct type of air filter in an air conditioner is just as important as keeping a clean filter. Some units can’t handle air filters that are high-efficiency because they restrict the airflow across the filter. 

Some signs that the filter in an HVAC unit is inappropriately sized can include:

  • Longer AC cycles 
  • Increased dust in the indoor air as a result of poor airflow
  • Rising energy costs
  • Temperature fluctuations caused by dirty coils 

Professional HVAC technicians can help select an appropriately sized filter for the health of the home’s occupants and the longevity of a unit. 

Not Scheduling Regular Maintenance and Inspections


Getting the most out of an air conditioner is important- that’s why it’s essential to keep them operating efficiently for as long as possible to make them last longer and consume less energy. Regular maintenance and inspection of an air conditioner can ensure both of these goals are met. By using professional maintenance service, homeowners can ensure that their bills stay low and repair costs are minimal. 

While professional services cost money in the form of membership fees, homeowners notice that they save that money due to reduced repairs from breakdowns and lower heating and cooling bills. Professional service will also pay dividends over the life of the unit when it lasts years longer due to professional care. 

Not Using Professional HVAC Help

Of all of the things that people decide are DIY tasks, air conditioner maintenance should not be one of them. Maintaining a heater and air conditioning system involves working with gas, electricity, and chemicals whose usage is closely regulated. Professional HVAC technicians are educated and trained to be able to carry out their work. 

This training entitles them to special licensure that allows them to perform work on HVAC equipment legally. While amateurs can attempt some simple tasks like changing filters or even cleaning outdoor coils, most work should be left to the professionals who can complete the task better in a shorter amount of time with less risk of something going wrong. 

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