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Make Electrical Safety on the Top of Your Wish List This Holiday Season

Protect Your Home From Electrical Fires During the Holidays

Getting decorations from storage for the holiday season is enough to get most homeowners in the holiday spirit. It’s easy to get carried away when people start seeing beautiful displays pop up in celebration of the season. However, this time of year is when home fires and electrical problems reach their peak. The reason for this is due to the fact that so many people are placing unusually high demands on the electrical infrastructure of their homes.

To make sure that homes stay safe for the holidays, it is important that homeowners are diligent about putting up their decorations. By following a few simple guidelines homeowners can still deck their halls without putting them at risk for damage.

Inspect Decorations Before Putting Them Out

Christmas Lights and Decorations in Front of a Home

It’s easy to underestimate the wear and tear that holiday decorations get. But the truth is that holiday decorations are usually put outside for over a month where they are subjected to extreme temperatures, sunlight, and exposure that can degrade them faster than most people expect. Couple that with the fact that most of the time decorations are improperly stored and it's easy to see how much damage those decorations can sustain in the short time they're in use.

As homeowners pull their decorations out of storage they should take extra care to inspect them for damage before installing. Decorations with frayed, damaged, or expensed wires should be discarded. Items with missing ground prongs should not be used. Items showing excessive wear should be replaced. By doing this, the decorator can reduce the risk of damage from decorations.

Unplug Unattended Decorations

Most decorations come with warnings that they should not be left unattended. This is true and should not be ignored. Lighting and decorations can easily overheat and cause a fire that could be dangerous if not caught early. The best way to keep decorations safe is to put them on an automatic timer so homeowners are not stuck with making rounds at night turning decorations off and unplugging light strands.

Hire a Handyman To Install Decorations

Handyman Wearing Utility Belt

For those who aren’t inclined to decorate over the holidays or for people who are unsure about how to decorate safely, handyman services are available to help homeowners dress up their property for the season. There are truly countless options when it comes to decorating a home for the holidays. So many options can make it difficult to decide on what to have installed. A holiday lighting technician can help homeowners decide on a cohesive decorating plan and they can inspect decorations to make sure they’re safe prior to installation

Hanging decorations, especially on roof lines can be a daunting task that some homeowners are just not comfortable doing.  Most often, ladders are used to hang decor in high spots... Many homeowners aren’t comfortable on ladders or don’t own them. A handyman can accomplish the decorating job quicker because they already have the tools and products stocked on their work trucks.

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