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A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions is a family-owned and operated, Texas-licensed HVAC & Home Repair company that serves the Austin, TX area, & has since 1977. We also service the Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lakeway, Cedar Park, and Leander areas and are well familiar with these communities. We specialize in residential and commercial Austin AC Repair & Heating service, as well as remodeling, including home repair, Austin handyman services, and more. Our team of experts are ready to help you with your HVAC or home repair needs. Whether you’re in Austin or one of the surrounding areas, we fix it fast!



Selling your home? Let’s talk about ECAD Audits & you

February 3, 2016

Did you know the City of Austin requires an ECAD energy audit before you sell your home (with only a few exceptions)?  If you have not replaced your AC or had energy work done on your home in the last 10 years, your house would be more “sellable” if you upgraded your insulation and ductwork … Read more

Austin Energy rebates reward energy efficient homes

March 9, 2016

Recently, Austin Energy announced its new energy rebate program for residential homes.  Rebates are given for work that may include duct sealing or duct replacement, adding additional insulation, adding solar screens on windows that get direct sun, replacing old, inefficient AC systems with more energy efficient new ones, weatherization of the building exterior, and installing … Read more

It Pays to Have Energy Efficient Homes

April 4, 2016

Just last week we dug out our umbrellas, waterproof jackets, and rubber boots to combat the rainy, chilly weather; this week we are basking in temperatures in the mid to high 80s and sunshine—that’s South Texas for you!   When the weather changes the way we regulate the temperature in our homes changes too. Since … Read more

What does the blue Energy Star mean?

April 11, 2016

Have you ever noticed the blue Energy Star logo on your computer, appliances, or other electronic products and wondered exactly what it represents? Energy Star was created by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy under the leadership of John Hoffman, a worldwide recognized innovator in energy efficiency and researcher or climate change, … Read more

Make Your Home a Healthier Place with a Home Energy Audit

April 25, 2016

Your duct system plays an instrumental role in terms of the air quality in your home, as it directs conditioned air where you want it to go. Especially in older homes, duct systems may be inefficient, damaged, over- or undersized, poorly designed and/or installed improperly, or of low quality, thus compromising the air that you … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Smart Thermostat?

May 23, 2016

We live in an age where we are beginning to see the birth of smart homes. Having said that, it brings up the question of what exactly is a smart home and what does one need to do in order to classify your home as one? A Smart Home is a dwelling that has one … Read more

The Importance Of Professional AC Maintenance

June 22, 2016

Air conditioning and heating are probably one of mankind’s biggest overlooked luxuries. When we have it, we don’t notice very much. In fact, we pretty much take it for granted. However, it is not until we do not have it that we can figuratively and literally feel the heat of going without it. It is … Read more

The Problem With Oversized AC Units

July 19, 2016

There is a common misconception about sizing your air conditioner when it comes to heating and cooling your home or business. Most people believe the larger the air conditioning unit, the faster it will cool or heat the room- thus lowering your electric bill. There is only slight truth in such a notion. Yes, the … Read more

Poor Air Quality Within The Home

July 29, 2016

Air quality is something that many people take notice of.  After all, air quality can affect our health and that of our families.  If smog is visible in the distance of any given city, chances are that the air quality in your home is equally unacceptable.  However, there are entities indoors that can also contribute … Read more

14 Consecutive Months of Record Heat

August 11, 2016

Average sea surface temperature was also record high Persistent heat on land and in the sea this June shattered records, yet again as reported in June 2016 was 1.62 degrees F above the 20th century average, breaking last year’s record for the warmest June on record by 0.04 degrees F, according to scientists from … Read more