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Is your home drafty? You may need weatherization work!

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An Austin weatherization job can help homeowners lower energy bills while improving the comfort level inside the home. What is weatherization? Weatherization is the art of “weather stripping,” or sealing doors, windows, and the building envelope. It will help your AC system run less during the summer heat or winter cold. Dust and allergens can be reduced as well.

There are plenty of ways to reduce your energy bills at home, from attic insulation to energy audits. Give us a call to set up an energy audit and to learn more!

What Does Weatherization Involve?

Weatherstripping helps prevent air from leaking into the home while also reducing leakage of conditioned air from inside the home.

Professionally weatherstripping your Austin home could also include testing for proper air leakage levels. Doing both of these can help increase comfort levels within your home, while also reducing draftiness. Many homeowners believe this is a project they can undertake themselves, but find out it is not as easy as it looks. This is where A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions comes in.

Our professionals are experts in Austin weather stripping. We can seal major leakage areas in the home, including doors, windows, attic access points & plumbing penetrations, without sealing too tight. We pioneered the Austin Energy Rebate Program in 1981 and remain the only original family owned contractor in the program.

Weatherization and the Whole House Concept

Weatherization is the most basic element in the “whole house” concept. The driving idea behind “whole house” concept is providing a holistic approach to cutting energy costs. For instance, when you have weather stripping done, we recommend that you also have your Austin air ducts tested for air leakage and insulation. Doing multiple energy conservation improvements work together to provide a more comfortable inside environment.

Our whole house concept was developed with energy savings in mind. Give us a call to learn more!

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Our team is certified and qualified to do complete weatherization of your Austin-area home. We are a registered Austin Energy contractor able to participate in all the Austin Energy Programs.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency? We specialize in Austin insulation services, Austin duct repair & replacement, Austin solar screen installation, and Austin ECAD audits. We also provide other HVAC services, including Austin AC Repair, Austin AC Installation & Replacement, Austin Duct Repair & Replacement, and much more.

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