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Is your upstairs hotter than your downstairs? Your home may be a candidate for zoning solutions.

Zoning a home involves applying individual control to different areas of the home instead of having only one thermostat to control the entire house. This is achieved by either having multiple systems or by using a singled HVAC system by using a single HVAC system with a multi-speed compressor and a duct system with electronic dampers. You can trust A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions to provide you with the perfect multi-zoning capability for your Austin, TX home.

Your home is meant to be lived in! If there are any rooms or parts of your home that are uncomfortable, give us a call for the best HVAC zoning solutions. Our pros will ensure all of your living spaces enjoy maximum comfort.

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What Is Residential Zoning?

Zoning the concept of having different areas each having their own separate controls. This can be achieved by installing more than one HVAC system to heat and cool multiple areas in your home. Another method is to use a single HVAC system with electric dampers and multiple thermostats. If your home currently has only one HVAC system, this would be the preferred method of implementing zoning.

There two ways to zone a home:

  • Using multiple HVAC systems
  • Using one HVAC system with a multi-speed compressor and a duct system with electronic dampers, master controller, & a thermostat in each zone

For instance, you can have a two-story house with a zone downstairs and a second zone upstairs. You would use a separate thermostat upstairs and downstairs to better control the hot and cool air in your home.

Zoned HVAC Systems Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Zoning with dampers and a controller is great for homes with two levels and only one HVAC system and one thermostat. A different zoning design will include the living room in one zone, with the bedrooms in another. Having a zoned system will let your unit run at a lower capacity thereby reducing your energy bill.

Zoning is used by businesses with different needs within the office. For instance, one area may have many people in it, while another may see very little traffic. Having a zoned commercial HVAC system in your business will offer greater temperature control and a more comfortable working environment.

Make sure your home’s heat and cool air is staying inside the house- give us a call to see if you could benefit from insulation and weatherization services.

Designing & Installing Zoned Systems Since 1977!

We are experts at residential and commercial zoning systems. Our team is licensed and insured and can provide you with the right type of zoning system and zone dampers for your home or business. You can rely on A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions for all your zoning needs.

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