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Trendy Ideas for Fall Home Decoration

It’s Fall and It’s Time to Get Cozy

As summer comes to a close everyone starts looking forward to the fall. While summers can be a lot of fun, typically people are ready for cooler temperatures away from the brutal heat. As the seasons change, it is a good opportunity to make changes around the home to help celebrate the change in seasons. This can mean anything from home decoration to minor renovations. 

This year, celebrate fall coming again by taking some advice from local handymen that specialize in home decorating and remodeling. Not only can they recommend the latest fall decorating trends, but they can also help implement any vision a homeowner may have. Here is a quick list of some ideas to help transform homes into an autumn oases. 

Liven Up the Front Porch


The late summer in Austin has a tendency to drive people back inside. Early summer is a time for cookouts and parties but by the end of the summer, temperatures are brutal and people look for less uncomfortable activities to do indoors. With cooler temperatures, people can return back outside for their favorite activities and that means living up their outdoor spaces so they can enjoy the respite from the heat. 

The front porch is a great place to start. The front porch should be the most inviting feature of a home. Not only does a porch communicate hospitality to guests, it also adds to the curb appeal of a home. A front porch swing is a great addition to any porch. A swing gives the homeowners an opportunity to sit out and enjoy the fall weather as well as greet passersby on evening walks. Planters or extra lighting can also be great additions to an inviting autumn porch.  

Spice Up the Walls

Fall is the beginning of the holiday season. This makes it a great time to get a jump on home updates before guests start to come and go from the home. The beginning of fall is a great time to repaint high traffic areas around the home. This can enhance the coziness of spaces and make them inviting for guests all through the season. Color schemes can also be oriented around the holiday and accented with decorations for added effect. 

Warm, neutral color schemes can allow homeowners to freshen up a space without committing too much to a color that won’t be attractive the rest of the year. This way, entertainment spaces can be ready for guests in the coming season without needing to be repainted or redesigned next season. 

handymaHire a Handyman for Help

When it comes to redecorating in celebration of fall, homeowners don’t have to do it alone. Handyman services have a variety of skills that can help homeowners realize their dreams of an inviting and cozy fall home. 

Some of the reasons to hire a handyman for help are:

  • Getting projects done on time
  • Keeping projects within budget
  • Ensuring no hiccups happen that can be common with DIY projects
  • Large skillsets make many different types of projects affordable and attainable

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