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Don't Let your System Get Iced Up by These 3 Preventable AC Problems

3 Common but Avoidable AC Problems

Summer soon will be drawing to a close and taking the hot temperatures with it. However, this time of year, summer usually has a way of surprising everyone with some brutally hot days before it finally gives way to fall. In these last days of summer, protecting the air conditioner is crucial. Usually, this is the time of the year where air conditioners work their hardest and homeowners want them to finish the cooling season strong. Taking advice from professional AC maintenance crews can help homeowners squeeze every bit of performance out of their air conditioner in the final stretch before the fall chill arrives. 

The following is a quick list of problems to look out for to keep air conditioners running all the way up until the end of the season. 

Lack of Airflow

With temperatures and humidity at their worst, the end of the summer can be truly uncomfortable if the air conditioner isn’t working well. One of the most irritating problems that can happen at the end of the summer is a lack of airflow that prevents the home from cooling or dehumidifying. The result is a humid and sticky home. 

Lack of airflow can be caused by problems such as:

  • Poor maintenance like dirty filters or clogged coils
  • Broken ductwork that allows cooled air to escape or hot air to enter the plenum 
  • Frozen AC coils that are the result of low refrigerant pressure  or problematic motors 

Regular maintenance is the best remedy and prevention for a lack of airflow. During regular visits, HVAC technicians can monitor all of the causes of low airflow so that it never becomes a problem. 

Leaks in Coils and Refrigerant Lines


One of the things that makes an air conditioner cool the air in the home is a chemical called “refrigerant.” Refrigerants are chemicals that capture and release heat to move it outside of the home. The process by which they accomplish this involves their condensation and evaporation. 

Refrigerants are held under high pressures in the coils and tubing in an air conditioner. If the coils or tubing springs a leak, refrigerant can leak out and lead to a loss of performance in the unit. Performing regular maintenance and inspection on an air conditioner can help ensure that leaks are prevented. During routine maintenance, AC professionals will clean and inspect coils to make sure they won’t leak. If leaks are discovered, they can be repaired quickly so that performance is restored to the unit. 

No Power to the Unit

hvac unit One of the easiest problems to notice is an AC that isn’t getting power. Whether it's the sweltering heat inside the home or the lack of power at the digital thermostat, a unit with no power is an easy problem to see. 

Some of the likely problems that can cause an AC to lose power are:

  • Battery-powered thermostats that need new batteries
  • Breakers that have tripped due to electrical problems within the unit
  • Cutoff switches that won’t allow the unit to run due to flooding caused by clogged drain lines

When air conditioners don’t have power, professional help should be sought. Most of the time, the lack of power is an indication of larger problems that will require repairs. 

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