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Start Spring Cleaning Early With Handyman Services

Start Crossing Tasks Off the To-Do List

Although it’s hard to believe spring is already here. Whether families are ready or not, warmer temperatures are coming, and it’s time to get outside and get the home in order before everyone is distracted by summer activities. That means spring cleaning and lots of it.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to knock out all outdoor chores that must be done, but homeowners often need help to get everything crossed off the spring cleaning checklist. Instead of spending the spring working around the house on days off, why not get assistance from a professional who can knock out these chores quickly? This blog will discuss three dreaded tasks on many peoples’ spring cleaning checklists that handypersons can do instead.

Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaningNo one has ever said they wish they had spent a beautiful spring day cleaning gutters. Cleaning gutters is one of the most annoying jobs; statistically, it’s one of the most dangerous. After a year or more of leaves and debris crowding into gutters, they must be cleaned, so they are ready to handle April showers. Without cleaning the gutters, fascia boards can begin to rot, and water can compromise the structural integrity of a home.

Gutter cleaning is a messy job. Couple that with working on a ladder, and it’s easy to see why so many people put the job off. This year, protect the home by hiring out the job instead. Handymen have all the necessary tools and experience to clean gutters and leaf guards safely so homeowners can devote their time to something more enjoyable.

Exterior Power Washing

exterior power washingSpring cleaning is the perfect time to do jobs that only need to be done every few years. After a few years of weathering the elements, house siding, decks, and patios can grow a layer of mold and mildew that looks unsightly and can cause damage by migrating under the siding. Power washing is the best way to blast off the grime, prevent damage, and make things look as good as new.

Exterior power washing is a job that requires special tools and knowledge. Why not hire someone who already has both? Let a handyman service power wash the home to restore new life to the house without wasting precious time. Exterior power washing also boosts a home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Repairing Wood Rot Damage

One of the consequences of neglecting gutter cleaning and exterior power washing can be damage from wood rot. Wood rot is a form of decay that can cause significant structural damage to furniture, buildings, and other wooden objects and is aesthetically unappealing. Professionals should be called for wood rot repairs because they have the experience to fix it and prevent further damage.

Properly maintaining and caring for wooden objects is the best way to prevent wood rot. Additionally, removing any areas of rot quickly can help to prevent the spread of decay throughout an object. If wood rot has already taken hold, it is crucial to repair and replace any affected areas immediately to prevent further damage. Homeowners can have a relaxing and productive spring cleaning season by hiring handymen for these services.

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