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Keep Things Hot and Prevent Heat Loss

Tips to Optimize a Home's Heating and Prevent Heat Loss

Those who spend their nights inside instead of going out may find it hard to keep things hot in a drafty home. Why not make sure the home is comfortable and energy efficient? Spending some money around the house is a gift that can keep on giving in terms of comfort and savings all year long. To get started, here is a quick guide from local professionals who want to ensure everyone explores all their options for preventing heat loss and keeping the heating working efficiently.

Look for Drafts

weatherstrippingNothing can ruin comfort quicker than drafts around the home. To reduce heat loss, ensure the house is ready for comfort by looking for and fixing drafts. Drafts are major sources of inefficiency in a home where cold outdoor air is allowed to enter the home unimpeded, and warm, treated air escapes. This makes the heater need to work harder to keep the house at a consistent temperature, raising heating costs on the utility bill.

Drafts are commonly found around windows and doors. While drafts are uncomfortable, they can also add serious spikes to the heating bills in the winter. Luckily, fixing drafts is as easy as locating them and installing weatherstripping. Adding weatherstripping can help seal air leaks, prevent treated air from escaping, and prevent a spike in energy costs.

Installing Energy Star Windows

Energy Star windowsInstalling new windows right now may be a tall order, but this is the perfect time of year to start planning ahead. Old, outdated windows are common sources of inefficiency and discomfort in homes, potentially adding hundreds of dollars to heating and cooling bills during the year.

While installing new windows is a significant investment, it can pay dividends for decades. New Energy Star-certified windows can save homeowners money on energy bills because they reduce heat transfer and allow the heater or air conditioner to use less energy.

Hire Reputable Contractors

When it comes to maintaining and servicing heating and cooling equipment, homeowners should be sure to hire a qualified contractor who is reputable and trustworthy. It is crucial to ensure that heating equipment is worked on by a reputable contractor because poorly maintained and serviced equipment can be dangerous and lead to severe problems.

It is also important to remember that an experienced technician can identify any potential issues or inefficiencies with the system before they become more costly repairs. Regular heating and cooling equipment maintenance will also help the system run more efficiently and reduce energy costs.

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