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DIY Heater Repair is Always a Bad Idea!

Dangers of DIY Heater Maintenance and Repair 

At the end of the heating season, it can be tempting to try and do everything possible to limp the heater along for a few more weeks. With only a few weeks of chilly weather left, many homeowners will try to save money by working on their own heating systems instead of calling a professional. The downside to this strategy is they will likely end up calling an HVAC contractor anyway to fix their mistakes. 

Why not save time and call an HVAC technician, to begin with? HVAC technicians can save homeowners the hassle of DIY heater repairs. Here are a few reasons why homeowners are discouraged from doing their own heater repairs and should instead hire professionals. 

Amateurs Misdiagnose the Problem 

proEveryone can relate to disappointment when they realize they have wasted time and money working on the wrong problem. This is the number one reason why DIY heater maintenance and repairs are discouraged. Heaters are complex machines that have lots of moving parts. Without training and experience, it can be almost impossible to pinpoint an exact problem, leading to the frustration of misdiagnosis. 

Instead of wasting time and dealing with the annoyance of being wrong or making the problem worse, simply call a trusted expert. HVAC technicians and contractors are trained and experienced in troubleshooting heaters. They can more accurately find the problem and save the homeowner the headache. Most will even guarantee their work, so the homeowner is protected if mistakes are made. 

DIY Work Always Takes Longer

timeOne thing that DIY repairs and projects never save is time. Part of the appeal of hiring professionals is that they can put their expertise to work to complete a job much faster than someone attempting DIY work. Additionally, they will always have the right tools and parts ready. 

On the other hand, a DIYer has to waste time researching and guessing how to complete a task. Then they have to track down tools and go to the hardware store, not to mention the time wasted when mistakes are made. Why waste all this time when someone else could do it faster? It’s always better to leave complicated work like heater repair to professionals. That way, homeowners can relax and spend their time more wisely. 

Insurance Liabilities 

While time and frustration are good reasons to call an HVAC contractor, saving money is another. When homeowners attempt their own heater repairs, they risk a lot, hoping it pays off. However, they are not protected from problems resulting from their DIY work. That means the homeowner is on the hook financially for any damages or injury. 

When homeowners call a professional, everyone is protected by special licenses and insurance. This means that not only are professionals less likely to make a mistake, but in case they do, their workers and clients are protected by insurance and not financially liable for costly mistakes or injuries. 

These Risks Also Apply to DIY Air Conditioner Repair

In addition to their heating services, HVAC specialists are also experts in air conditioning services. The risks associated with DIY heater repair and maintenance are the same risks of DIY AC repair and maintenance. Not only can professionals help residents stay warm and cozy during the colder months and cool and comfortable during warmer months, but they can also assist with transitioning from heating to cooling as the weather warms up. 

When switching from using the heater to the air conditioner, it’s important that maintenance be done on the AC so technicians can ensure the AC system is running optimally and efficiently all season long after sitting unused for a while.  With years of experience servicing heaters and air conditioners, HVAC contractors can help homeowners with any work they need on their heaters and AC systems.

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