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Another Thing to Be Thankful for: HVAC Technicians!

Celebrate Thanksgiving and Be Grateful for HVAC Technicians

Most people wouldn’t argue that it has been a particularly rough couple of years. With a global pandemic, winter weather disasters, and unseasonably hot summers, many homeowners have been in a unique position all year. While it may be easy to dwell on misfortune and get upset, it’s probably healthier to take stock of what helped mitigate those disasters and be thankful for that instead of getting mired down. 

HVAC technicians have had a special role to play when it comes to staving off all of the natural disasters that have happened in the last year. They keep homes warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and keep air quality inside the home safe for its occupants. This year, during Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on the luxuries and necessities that central heating and air conditioning represent. 

hot They Keep Homes Warm in the Winter

Having a working heater in the home during the winter has become much more appreciated after the storms of last year. Not only is a heater important to staying comfortable, but they are also necessary to keep problems caused by cold temperatures from getting worse. A malfunctioning heater can allow temperatures to plummet so much that pipes freeze and burst. 

HVAC contractors keep winter at bay with furnace installation and repairs. Scheduling heater tune-ups in the early part of winter can ensure that a heater will perform reliably during the year. Additionally, installing a new, high-efficiency furnace can lessen the demand that a furnace places on the gas grid and lower the carbon footprint of a home. 

Staying Cool in the Summercold

It’s no secret that summers around Austin are brutal. With high temperatures and muggy humidities to match, summer is probably the season where residents are most grateful for their local HVAC technician. Air conditioning contractors help keep air conditioners reliable with seasonal maintenance and timely repairs. By keeping an air conditioner maintained, homeowners can enjoy things like: 
  • Lower bills
  • Cleaner air
  • Controlled humidity
  • Consistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Extended warranties on equipment

Maintaining Healthy Indoor Air Quality

For over a year now, air quality has been on everyone’s mind. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught people it is about the value of clean air in a home. A home’s central heating and air conditioning are designed to help amend qualities of air that make it unhealthy, such as:

  • Improper humidity levels
  • Suspended particles
  • Allergens
  • Pathogens

Furnace and AC maintenance are critical to ensuring that a home’s air is safe. The most important step a homeowner can make is ensuring that a high-quality air filter is in place and changed regularly. Air filter replacement can keep all those nasty particles out of the air before they become a problem. 

The second most important step of AC maintenance is ensuring the humidity is at the appropriate level. Humidity that is too high or too low can lower the lung’s natural defenses against infection. By scheduling a tune-up or installing a whole-home humidifier, homeowners can protect themselves against respiratory infection and allergies all year long. 

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