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UV Air Sanitizer Or Air Purifier - Which Is Best?

Learning About UV Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers

People require a certain level of air quality to stay healthy. This extends to the indoor air quality as well. If a home has poor air quality, residents will likely experience more serious allergy symptoms and other illnesses, including breathing problems like asthma. By investing in a UV air sanitizer or an air purifier, homeowners can ensure that the home will have excellent air quality all year round.

While it can be an unplanned expense, the purchase may end up saving homeowners money. Below, readers can learn more about UV air sanitizers, air purifiers, and their benefits.

What To Know About UV Air Sanitizers and Air Purifiers

Air Purifier and Air Sanitizer

Essentially, UV air sanitizers and air purifiers are the same. They both work to provide the home with cleaner air. However, in functionality, they are quite different.

  • Air Purifiers: An air purifier is a unit placed in any room of the home that plugs into an electrical outlet. It works by forcing the air from the room into its filter to clean the air of any leftover impurities. At which point, the air is then pushed back out into the room. These units are great because they are portable. A 4” filter like a Honeywell can also be installed at the base of the HVAC system to help remove impurities.
  • UV Air Sanitizers: An air sanitizer is a UV light that is placed into the HVAC unit. The air that passes through the light burns away all the impurities left in the air. This unit isn’t portable, but it also doesn’t take up space in the home.

Common Benefits of Each

Just like anything else in the world, the air purifiers and UV air sanitizers have their benefits. Depending on the needs of a home, homeowners might be better suited for one appliance over the other.

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Some of the common benefits to expect include:

  • Reduces air mold particles
  • Eliminates pathogens and other impurities
  • Reduces the risk of health issues
  • Helps prevent unwanted odors

Some common benefits of UV air sanitizers are:

  • Reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi in the home
  • Reduces odors
  • Can even kill common viruses and germs
  • Kills more than 98% of airborne germs

Choosing the Right Option

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As mentioned above, air quality is vital to health and comfort. That is the main reason that investing in a UV air sanitizer or an air purifier is worth it every time. Not only that, but it could save money in numerous ways, including extending the life of the HVAC system and reducing the number of impurities blocking the air filter. Of course, it’s always best to work with an air conditioning company to help determine the best option.

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