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Helpful Handyman Tips to Know

Handyman to the Rescue

Most people would agree that it’s wise to know a little bit about everything, and a lot about one thing. For example, it comes in handy to know a bit of history, basic computer and technology skills, how to sew on a loose button, or how to fix a few things around the house. When it comes to fixing things around the house, some projects may be more straightforward than others. Switching out light bulbs, tightening a loose bolt on a pipe under the sink, switching out HVAC air filters, or adding salt to a water softener are simple home maintenance tasks that are easy to do and useful to know. 

But it’s difficult for a homeowner to become an expert in more significant house repairs like updating electrical work, replacing a rotting deck, or resolving other residential issues. That’s where handymen and licensed professionals come into play.

Can a Handyman Help with Electrical Work?

Handyman installing a Ceiling Fan

Sure, switching out light bulbs is an easy enough task, so long as there’s a ladder lying around to reach them. When it comes to the installation of lights and other appliances that involve fixing electrical wiring, though, that job can get complicated quickly. Having an electrical professional around can help to ensure that these tasks are handled correctly. 

Handymen can help homeowners to: 

  • Install new lights or ceiling fans
  • Repair loose wires, sockets, or wall switches
  • Add dimmers and timers to existing electrical work
  • Help maintain light bulbs and smoke detectors that are too far out of reach

Handymen Take on Deck Repairs

Newly Installed Deck

Sitting out on the deck is one of those idyllic summer pastimes. When the weather is nice, people love to use their decks to grill and eat outside, soak up the warmth, and watch the sun go down in the evening. But if the deck is damaged, it can put a stop to all those fun activities. 

Decks can become worn or dented from water and storm damage. The wood can start to rot and cause structural weakness as time goes on, or the boards can start to gap as the wood dries out with age. All of these are common problems that require deck repairs. And they’re all problems that a handyman can help with. 

They can help replace damaged or rotting boards, or even install maintenance-free decks so that homeowners no longer have to face the many challenges that come with owning a deck.

The Wood Rot Repair Process 

Wood Rot on House

While some may think that wood rots and decays simply from being wet, this is not the case. The growth of fungi and mold within the wood is what causes it to rot. Mold and stain fungi can discolor the wood, and decay fungi can break down its cellular structure leaving holes in the wood and weakening its structural integrity. 

If homeowners start to detect wood rot on their decks, on the frames of windows and doors, or anywhere else in the house, it’s important to replace the wood right away before it starts to spread. Trying to do that without the proper training or knowledge can be dangerous, though, especially if the project requires being up on a ladder to reach the second story. That’s why it’s always best to contact a professional handyman to help out in these situations.

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