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Tips for the Best Backyard BBQs

Quick Tips for Awesome Backyard Parties

As the summer gets into full swing, people start thinking about all of the activities they want to do over the summer. No doubt hosting a backyard BBQ is on the list. A Texas BBQ is the perfect place to kick back, relax, and hang out with good friends and good food.

This summer, take some advice from a local business that has experience helping people host the perfect party. It may not be obvious but local carpenters and handymen have experience cleaning up from backyard party mishaps and also helping homeowners design the perfect outdoor spaces. Read on to get their professional advice.

Safety First

Barbecue grill in a backyardThere are a lot of hazards that summer fun can present but one of the biggest is the dangers that a grill can present to a house. Every summer there is damage done to homes from grills that range from harmless to serious. A simple mistake is setting up the grill too close to the house and damaging vinyl siding with the heat. A problem like this can usually be fixed with cheap repairs. However, there are more serious occasions where grills can catch houses on fire. When in doubt, always set the grill up farther away from the house than seems necessary so summer meals aren’t ruined by mishaps.

Keep the Grill Clean

The grill or smoker is always the centerpiece for good old-fashioned Austin cookouts and it should always be treated with the respect that it deserves. After each use, make sure the grill is kept clean. The best way to do this is to scrape food debris off of the grills while they are still hot. Be careful of using the metal bristle grill brushes, as the bristles can break off and poke inside your food or your mouth. The next time the grill or smoker is fired up, get the grills hot again to burn off anything that was leftover then coat them with a fine coat of olive oil to keep them seasoned. This will prevent rust from forming on the grills that cause food to stick and it will ensure that those good grill lines are present in every steak or sausage.

Properly storing a grill or a smoker is a good idea as well. Grills and smokers make the perfect habitat for wasp and bee nests. Too many BBQs have been ruined by infested grills that come alive as soon as heat and smoke start to fill the grill. Covering the grill or periodically checking on it to make sure it hasn’t become a residence for local wildlife can prevent this disaster.

Get the Backyard Ready for Friends

Friends having a backyard partyThe best summer parties always take place in spaces that are planned for just that purpose. When thinking about summer BBQs, it may take years to get things just right. Backyards can be outfitted with an infinite combination of decks, patios, and fencing that can make a home perfect for hosting backyard parties.

Whether a new fence, outdoor lighting, or an outdoor kitchen are desired, the perfect space can be designed so that summer get-togethers are always fun. Local contractors can help design the perfect outdoor space and install decks and fences so the look is just right and the space is functional.

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