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Choosing the Right Fencing to Set Your Yard Apart

Give the Backyard a Makeover with New Fencing

Summertime in Austin means warmer temperatures and summer cookouts. Anytime someone breaks out the BBQ they are certainly going to invite friends and family over for a party. Inviting people into the home is a chance to show off all of the beautiful design and hard work that has gone into making a house a home. A new fence is an excellent addition to outdoor spaces that can beautify the landscaping, patios, and entertainment areas.

Local fence professionals are here to offer advice on installing a fence that will be the talk of the town.

Choosing the Right Material

Installing new fences means diving down the rabbit hole of hundreds of options. Looking at the material is one way to make a choice on materials that fits a particular style. Here is a quick guide on materials:

  • Wood: Cedar is a classic natural material that resists insects and rot. Pine must be treated before outdoor use but offers the same appeal for less cost. Both options can be stained and painted and come in a variety of styles at a low and easy-to-install price.
  • Metal: Choices of metal are steel or aluminum and types range from simple chain link fencing to options that mimic the classic or updated look of wrought iron. Metal fencing is attractive, low-maintenance, and extremely durable.
  • Vinyl: Plastic-based fencing material used for charming picket fences or attractive rail fencing. Vinyl fences are maintenance-free and require no paint.
  • Composite: Made from wood fibers and resin, composite fencing materials are long-lasting and require no maintenance. Materials can be chosen in specific colors to meet designs and won’t fade or warp.

Light it Up!

Lamps on a wooden fenceThe exterior of the home is the first thing that people notice when they pull up or drive by. That’s why curb appeal is so important to the value of a home. Fencing can be as practical or as stylish as it needs to be to increase the curb appeal of a house, but what happens at night? The fence disappears in the darkness.

Exterior design has become more important at night. Adding exterior lighting to highlight features of a home or aspects of landscaping can add a dramatic new element to exterior home design. Lighting a new fence can accent the new design element in a landscape and greatly increase visibility and appeal from a distance. No fencing installation should be complete without some form of landscape lighting strategy to show off the new fence.

Professional Design and Installation

Person drilling into a red metal fenceWhen it comes to designing and installing a new fence, most consumers need the perfect balance of guidance from professionals with a certain amount of freedom and creativity to find the fence that fits their design plans. Most customers that want to enhance their outdoor spaces need the freedom to express themselves while professionals find the perfect solutions for them.

With professional fence installation, the process should go smoothly. Professional fence companies offer a diverse set of options that give homeowners everything they could want when selecting a fence. After the fence is selected, they will install it quickly to the homeowner’s exact specifications. When it is all done, the homeowner will have a showpiece to enjoy for many years to come!

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