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Now is the Perfect Time to Remodel the Kitchen Before the Holiday Season!

Create Your Dream Kitchen With These Tips!

Autumn may have just begun, but the holidays will be here in no time. And for those whose homes become a hub for family and friends during the holiday season, the kitchen is about to become a very busy place between the holiday feasts, the cookie-baking, the pie-making, and the influx of hungry guests.

But if homeowners aren’t happy with the state of their current kitchen, there’s still time to make those changes and upgrades they’ve always wanted! So homeowners can keep reading for the latest trends, pro tips, and a little inspiration to help them transform that humdrum, old kitchen into the kitchen of their dreams!

Put in New Floors and Custom Cabinetry

new flooringTwo things that can radically transform the look and feel of any kitchen are the floor and the cabinets. Hardwood flooring is a warm, traditional aesthetic for kitchens. For something a little more durable and easier to keep clean, wood-look vinyl or glazed ceramic tile are popular options. Darker colored tiles or a sleek marble finish can lend a more contemporary look, while earthy terracotta tiles or stone make for a more rustic farmhouse style.

When it comes to cabinets, homeowners have plenty of choices, ranging from the basic to the bold. If mass-produced cabinets aren’t their thing, they can opt for custom cabinetry that fits the style and functionality they want. For a simpler, more budget-friendly approach, having the existing cabinets refinished or repainted can make the whole kitchen feel brand new. When it comes to installing flooring or building cabinets from scratch, homeowners will likely want to hire a qualified professional, as these can be massive and intensive undertakings.

Upgrade the Countertops and Add an Improved Backsplash

new countertop No kitchen renovation would be complete without new countertops - and there are plenty of styles to choose from. Granite, quartz, and marble are all elegant and stylish options that never fail to catch the eye. Smooth ceramic, acrylic, or composite countertops are durable and easy to clean, great options for kitchens that see a lot of serious cooking. Stainless steel and concrete also hold up extremely well but have a more industrial look, while a brass worktop is a warmer (and bolder) choice. Or, for a more rustic, traditional aesthetic, it’s hard to go wrong with wood or tile countertops.

Once homeowners have found the perfect kitchen countertops, it’s time to pick the perfect backsplash to go with them. On top of just being an easy-to-clean surface that can safely catch splashes and splatters, the backsplash can add visual appeal and charm to any kitchen.

Simple glazed subway tile is the dominant trend in backsplashes these days. Still, different tile patterns, more exotic materials (marble, stone, clay, etc.), or contrasting colors can make for an eye-catching statement. Smooth, solid backsplashes such as quartz or stainless steel are also highly functional and stylish choices. Etched mirrors give the appearance of more space, while wallpaper (behind a layer of hardened glass or protective lacquer) adds an eclectic spin.

Update the Kitchen Layout (Open Concept Kitchens are Currently In!)

Many homeowners may want to change the whole layout and flow of their kitchen instead of just upgrading individual components. This could mean adding an island, putting in windows, or shifting the position of cabinets and appliances. It’s all about finding what works best for the homeowners - or, perhaps more importantly, whoever’s doing the cooking!

Open-concept kitchens have become extremely popular in recent years for several reasons. Since they’re not closed off by a fourth wall, there’s more space for additional cooks and helpers, so cooking can be a more collaborative and inclusive process - without everyone stepping on one another’s toes. Similarly, with the kitchen and dining/family room in the same large space, family and friends can socialize and make food simultaneously, so no one misses out on the fun. It’s perfect for the holidays. Open-concept kitchens also tend to feel brighter and more spacious.

When it comes to a major kitchen remodel, such as altering the layout, it’s always best to enlist the help of a qualified remodeling contractor. They can help homeowners decide what to do based on their specific needs, desires, and budgetary requirements, as well as make sure that any renovations are done safely and according to code.

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