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Make a New Year's Resolution to Remodel a Bathroom!

Professional Bathroom Remodeling for a New Bathroom

It’s wintertime, and that means the start of a new year. At the beginning of each new year, many people like to list goals they would like to achieve during the coming year. Year after year, people set new goals, all the while not realizing that their bathroom is aging and becoming outdated. Aging fixtures and piping can waste money on leaks and minor water damage, while outdated styles can actually affect the value of the home. 

By investing in a bathroom remodel this year, homeowners can protect their homes’ value and improve the accessibility and aesthetics of their bathrooms. 

Updating Sinks


Sinks and fixtures are one of the major design elements of a bathroom and, as such, are the first to become dated. Aging sinks and fixtures affect the overall feel of the bathroom. When sinks display the stains and dirty marks that show their years and the faucet handles become loose and lose their luster, the entire bathroom starts to look its age. 

One of the easiest ways to give a bathroom a new feel is installing a new sink and vanity complete with shiny new fixtures. Vanities can come complete with extra storage or more counter space, while a new sink can be updated to a newer style. Many manufacturers of fixtures offer generous warranties and design features that can be easily maintained and repaired for years of service. 

High-Efficiency Toilets

The toilet is one of the busiest places in the house. With all of the traffic that a toilet handles, it can become the first fixture to become dirty and stained. With time, the finish on the porcelain can degrade, giving it a dingy look and making it more susceptible to getting dirty. The components of a toilet can also go bad, allowing toilets to run excessively and waste water. Older toilets are also more prone to clogging. 

If the toilet looks perennially dirty or starts to malfunction, it is a great time to consider upgrading. For homeowners looking to lower bills, installing a new high-efficiency dual-flush toilet could be the right choice. Dual-flush toilets allow users to select a smaller flush for liquid waste and a larger flush for solid waste. New toilets, especially high-efficiency toilets, can pay for themselves over their lifetime by eliminating excessive water usage and wasted water.  

Stylish Tubs and Showers


Updating a shower or tub is a dramatic way to increase the appeal of a bathroom. Styles have changed drastically in the last 20 years or so. Built-in showers are becoming preferred over drop-in style shower and tub combos. A new walk-in shower with tile and attractive glass doors may be just what a home needs to bring it up to date. 

As a home’s occupants age, accessibility can be a major issue. During a bathroom remodel, it is important to take accessibility into account. Showers and bathtubs can be remodeled to a curbless shower design to accommodate disabilities and ease-of-access to cater to the needs of a home’s occupants. Planning a remodel is the best time to anticipate accessibility issues, and it should be discussed with professionals who have experience in the field. 

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