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Let Your Holiday Decorations Save You Money for Gifts This Year

Save Money and Reduce Waste with Energy-Efficient Decorations This Holiday Season!

The holidays are officially here, which means it’s time to break out the decorations and go to town! Whether it’s an extravagant outdoor light display or a few festive touches indoors, the right decorations can get anyone into the holiday spirit. But with all those decorations putting off their comforting glow for hours on end, many homeowners worry about how all that energy usage will affect their utility bill, as well as their environmental impact.

Fortunately, there’s a way to solve both problems without having to scale back or do away with the display of holiday cheer. And all it takes is a little knowledge of today’s energy-efficient holiday decorating options! So read on to discover how homeowners can deck the halls in a way that saves money and reduces their carbon footprint this holiday season.

Upgrade To LED Lights

String of LED lightsThe first step toward saving money during the holidays is to trade in those old incandescent lights for new LED lights. LEDs are rapidly becoming the norm for string lights and other lighted decorations for a few big reasons.

For one thing, they are upwards of 75% more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Secondly, they tend to last close to 30 times longer than incandescents, which are notorious for breaking and burning out. For these reasons, the money-saving potential of switching to LED holiday decorations is enormous.

Another nice thing about LEDs is that they’re safer. The “bulbs” are made of hard epoxy rather than thin glass, so there’s virtually zero risk of cuts or shocks. LEDs also produce very little heat, unlike traditional bulbs, which can get warm enough to cause burns or even start fires. Homeowners can also daisy-chain more LED lights strings together without worrying about overloading the outlet, which makes them ideal for practicality and electrical safety.

Put Up Solar and Battery-Powered Decorations

Of course, not all holiday decorations need to draw their power from the home’s electrical outlets. Battery-operated decorations are a good way to reduce reliance on the local power grid, which naturally translates to lower electricity bills. Most of these decorations come with a timer to help conserve battery life, but it’s still best to find ones that use LEDs for maximum efficiency.

Another option along these lines is solar-powered holiday decorations. These absorb energy from the sun during the day and store it in a battery for use at night. This is a great way to save money and be as eco-friendly as possible since they rely completely on renewable energy, so homeowners won’t need to purchase any replacement batteries.

Go the Classic Route and Burn Candles

Tea light candlesFor those homeowners who want to keep it simple and decorate without relying on electricity at all, there’s one other option - candles. It may be old-school (or old-fashioned), but the strategic placement of a few flickering candles can make any home feel like something out of a classic Charles Dickens Christmas tale.

Whether they’re in a window, on the mantle, or outside in a cute glass lantern or ornate lamp, candles are a timeless way to spread a little festive cheer on a winter night. And since most craft or hobby stores sell basic candles by the boatload for just a few dollars, this is an extremely cost-efficient way to decorate. Of course, impeccable fire safety should always be at the front of every homeowner’s mind when decorating with candles or any kind of open flame!

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