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Find the Right Heater Repair Service

3 Things That Identify Great Heating and Cooling Companies

When searching for the perfect home heating and cooling company, researching is the best way to avoid being conned out of hard-earned money and key to finding a heating service that fits the family’s needs without breaking the bank. Trusting the home to a repair company is a huge step and takes a good level of trust between the homeowner and the technician.  

1. Positive Reviews Online

person holding phone with 5 stars hoveringThe Internet offers the benefit to homeowners of being able to research potential repair companies straight from a cellphone while on break at the job. Looking up reviews for local companies is as easy as typing the company's name into Google and pulling up every review written about that company. Sometimes, companies may rebrand or rename the company if there are too many unfavorable reviews from previous customers. 

One way to make sure the company is trusted within the community is to read reviews on Google, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, or Home Advisor. Finding the name of the owner of the company and researching them is a way to see how long they have been doing business in the area. 

Reviews that are mostly positive and use words such as “prompt”, “professional”, “knowledgeable” indicate that this company is likely one that can be trusted and has been trusted by many homeowners already.

2. Licensing and Insurance is Up-to-Date and Correct

Every state has different requirements for licensing and insurance for repair companies such as HVAC companies. Checking with the local licensing board or Department of Labor is the simplest way to verify if the information provided by a contractor is up-to-date and legitimate. 

Doing business with a licensed and insured company is the best way to ensure the job is done properly, parts are warrantied, and labor is guaranteed by the company. Saving money is important to many homeowners, but not sacrificing the quality and safety of the family should take priority by hiring a certified, well-trained contractor to maintain or repair major household systems.

3. Are Maintenance Plans Worth the Money?

HVAC technician performing maintenanceMany heating and cooling companies offer maintenance plans, and some offer tiered plans based on individual homeowners’ needs. Good maintenance plans offer two system inspections per year, one in the fall to check the heating before winter comes and one in the spring to check the air conditioning before the summer hits. 

Certified technicians evaluate whether the unit needs repair or preventive maintenance. Having systems serviced regularly will prevent costly repairs down the road and extend the life of the current unit. During services, filters are cleaned or replaced, lubricants are added to prevent dryness, and refrigerant is checked. 

Maintenance plans allow homeowners front-of-line privileges in emergency situations and discounts on services if repair or replacement becomes necessary.   

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