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3 Ways to Make Homes More Appealing to Buyers

Popular Features Sought by Home Buyers 

It seems like upsets in the housing market are a common feature of the recent past. Even with the recent boom finally slowing down a little, plenty of people still want to buy or sell their homes. For those looking to sell, the market is still very competitive. This means that homeowners should take every advantage to maximize the value of the homes they intend to sell. 

Determining the value of a home involves evaluating some intangibles, but the things home buyers want are predictable. By anticipating what a home buyer is looking for and making some upgrades around the home, sellers can earn their money back and more upon closing. Here are three of the most popular home features that can make them sell faster. 

Patios and Decks 

patioMost homeowners tend to focus their energy and renovation dollars on interior finishes like kitchens and fresh paint. However, when it comes to determining home value, that is only half of the story. A home's exterior is at least as important as the interior since it is the first thing potential buyers will see. Why not focus some of the renovation budgets on the exterior to fetch a higher price? 

Patios and decks are the most sought-after features outside a home. While painting and landscaping are important aspects of curb appeal, decks and patios add hidden square footage to the house by extending the usable space. Since most people love entertaining, make sure the home is ready for potential buyers by installing patios or decks. 

Functional Laundry Rooms 

laundryIn a post-COVID world, the things potential home buyers are looking for have changed. In the past, people loved living in cities to the point that they didn’t mind sharing some spaces with others. After lockdowns, people value privacy more and are looking for a home with all the amenities they need. 

Instead of living in the city and finding a laundromat to wash clothing, more than ever, home buyers want a fully-functioning laundry room. In fact, a laundry room was the most desired feature for potential buyers, according to the National Association of Home Builders' research conducted in 2020. To achieve this, consider installing new washers and dryers in a small room and putting in shelves or cabinets for storage. Folding tables and ironing boards are also desired features. 

Ceiling Fans 

More than ever, concerns about a home's high energy bills and carbon output are paramount. Most people know that home air conditioning and comfort solutions gobble up power and cost exorbitant amounts on monthly bills. This leaves people looking for energy-efficient solutions to lower a home's carbon footprint and lighten the load of monthly energy bills. 

To make a home more desirable, install ceiling fans in frequently occupied rooms. Without ceiling fans in bedrooms and living rooms, the air conditioner has to work harder to keep the family comfortable, generating higher bills. Installing and upgrading ceiling fans is a simple way to maximize the value of a home and ensure buyers’ concerns are met. 

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