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When to Schedule AC Replacement

Three Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner 

With the summer heat on the way, many homeowners are worried that their air conditioners may not make it through the season. Worrying about having to spend money on AC replacement and losing air conditioning for a few days can be stressful. The best way to ease the stress is to anticipate the current air conditioner is possibly faltering. 

Luckily, there are plenty of indicators that an air conditioner will need replacing in the near future. If a unit is over 15 years old and displays certain characteristics, then air conditioning replacement may be a good option. Here are the common signs that an air conditioner may be about to fail. When these signs are present, take the initiative and call an air conditioner specialist to start planning for replacement. 

New Noises, Smells, or Humidity That Won’t Go Away 

smellAn air conditioner’s job is to provide clean, cool air with little disruption. When it starts to fail on these accounts, it can be a sign that things are wrong. One of the more obvious signs that AC replacement is needed is stubborn humid odors. When air conditioners start to emit musty and dank odors, that means the unit is not running long enough or pulling enough moisture from the air. While these problems can be addressed, the underlying cause is more serious. When damp air is present, the AC isn’t removing humidity as it should. Humidity in a home could be a sign of a refrigerant leak.  

Another sign is a loud AC. As an air conditioner ages, panels start to wear out, and ductwork joints become loose. This leads to rattling and popping sounds throughout the entire system. Instead of dealing with constant racket and odors, simply schedule an air conditioner replacement and bask in the quiet comfort of a new unit. 

Energy Bills Are Out of Control 

billOne of the common complaints from homeowners with older air conditioners is that their bills are soaring. Some may attribute this to poor insulation or bad windows. Often the cause is simply the air conditioner. Instead of keeping up with the summer heat, older units will cycle longer, driving up energy bills. To restore lost cooling power, homeowners may need to replace the air conditioner. 

A high-efficiency air conditioner costs a little upfront but can save a bundle in the future. New AC units today are more efficient and cost less to operate, so homeowners can start saving on monthly bills this summer by ditching the old inefficient AC and starting fresh. 

Poor Airflow and Circulation 

Another sign that the air conditioner or ductwork is on its way out is poor air circulation. This will usually be in tandem with high energy bills. Part of the reason why air conditioners have to cycle longer is because the blower doesn't work effectively or the ducts are in poor shape. This leads to uneven cooling around the home as some rooms stay hot and humid. 

AC replacement will upgrade the blower for the air conditioner. New blowers push powerful streams of cooled air around the house, keeping things comfortable for cheaper. Get started today by contacting AC experts to inspect the unit and determine whether it’s time for an air conditioner replacement. 

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