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Why Should You Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance Now?

Why It Pays To Schedule AC Service Before the Heat of Summer

As spring gives way to summer, most homeowners have already started using their air conditioners to stave off the heat. But as the Texas heat (not to mention humidity) intensifies heading into the summer months, so will the AC unit’s workload. If the unit hasn’t been serviced in a while, that workload may prove too much for the system to handle, resulting in poor performance or a breakdown.

Scheduling preventative air conditioning maintenance is the best way to avoid these problems. Homeowners who wait too long to call for maintenance often find themselves forced to call for AC repair instead. But that’s not the only reason to jump on spring maintenance. Read on to learn three reasons why now is the best time for an air conditioning tune-up!

More Scheduling Availability

more scheduling availability As summer rolls in and the days grow hotter and muggier, demand for air conditioning services will grow. With the influx of calls for AC tune-ups, repairs, replacements, and other services, AC technicians will have their hands and schedules full. For this reason, trying to get a convenient AC service appointment during the summer can be like trying to get a brunch reservation on Mother’s Day!

But in the spring, homeowners are more likely to have their pick of time slots before the rush begins. They can choose a short service window on a day that best suits them rather than being at the mercy of their AC service provider’s busy schedule.

Keep the AC Working All Summer Long

Avoiding a scheduling nightmare is great, but avoiding the nightmare of being without air conditioning on a hot and humid day is even better. And since a lack of maintenance is the number one cause of AC breakdowns, routine service is a must for those who don’t want an interruption in their air conditioning.

A typical AC maintenance visit includes a thorough inspection of the unit and tests of the electrical systems, fan motors, refrigerant levels, and other components. This can give technicians a clear picture of the unit’s performance and alert them to any potential issues. Homeowners can avoid a surprise summer breakdown by fixing these problems early and addressing other common causes of wear and tear.

Extend the AC Unit’s Lifespan

extend AC unit's lifespanYearly maintenance doesn’t just keep the unit going strong for the summer but can also keep the unit going strong in the long term. The average life expectancy for newer air conditioners is about 15-20 years. The frequency and quality of maintenance are important in deciding whether a given unit will make it to the higher end of that range or even higher.

Having the air conditioner serviced regularly will help mitigate normal wear and tear, improve efficiency and performance, and nip potential problems in the bud. Air conditioning repair can be costly, particularly for major issues like a burnt-out motor, so it’s best to try and prevent it for as long as possible. There’s no better preventive measure than spring maintenance!

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