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Why Improve Indoor Air Quality?

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Long story short: indoor air quality is how breathable a home’s air is. With poor indoor air quality, residents can suffer health symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and more. Good air quality doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that homeowners must actively pursue. Here, one can learn about the importance of good IAQ and what goes into achieving it.

Poor Air Quality Can Cause Health Concerns

health effects of poor indoor air qualityAs noted, poor indoor air quality can cause many avoidable health concerns, especially in seniors, children, and immunocompromised individuals. Bad indoor air quality can cause symptoms like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat. Additionally, the EPA notes that with prolonged exposure to poor IAQ, one faces:

  • An elevated risk of cancer: If any airborne contaminants get into the lungs, this could increase one’s risk of developing cancer later in life.
  • The risk of heart disease: Just like the lungs, the heart needs clean air to function properly. Poor IAQ can also increase the risk of congestive heart failure.
  • Respiratory ailments: One could suffer from chronic bronchitis and other ailments that make breathing difficult.

Everyone wants to stay healthy. By employing some simple measures in the household (as explained below), homeowners can avoid adverse health effects and the inconveniences that come with them.

Replace the Air Filter and Schedule Maintenance

air filter replacement and maintenanceAn easy way to improve the home’s indoor air quality is to replace the HVAC system’s air filters at least once every three months. EnergyStar suggests doing so even more often if filters get dirty sooner. As the name suggests, air filters filter contaminants from the air. They can capture pet hair, dust, and other particulates that can irritate the respiratory system.

In addition to replacing air filters when needed, homeowners should consult a professional for HVAC maintenance twice a year, once for the heater and once for the AC. They can replace the air filter, perform other essential maintenance tasks to improve air quality, and advise homeowners on additional measures that could promote good air quality.

Installing Devices Like Air Purifiers and UV Air Sanitizers Goes a Long Way

Aside from changing the air filter and regular HVAC tune-ups, homeowners can improve their air quality by having a professional install a new filtration system, such as:

  • An air purifier: These devices use a filter to remove contaminants like dust and pollen from the air.
  • A UV air sanitizer: These devices work to remove bacteria and viruses from the air and rely on ultraviolet light rather than a filter.

Both air cleaners and filtration systems differ despite having a similar goal to improve indoor air quality. The best option for one’s household depends on their situation, and technicians can help homeowners choose the best one for their needs.

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