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What's the Best Time for Heater Replacement?

Common Signs That the Heater Needs To Be Replaced

Temperatures are continuing to get cooler and cooler as the fall months will soon turn into winter months. It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to an end and that winter will be in full swing in just a little while. Homeowners need to prepare their homes for the winter and make sure that their heater is ready to take on the cold months ahead.

Answering the following questions can help homeowners determine if their heater is in need of replacement. If it does need replacing, now is the best time to do it, so homeowners don’t have to deal with a heater breakdown during the coldest time of year.

How Old Is the Unit?

Technician Replacing HVAC Unit

Most products wear down over time and become unusable. Smartphones last roughly 2-5 years before the software becomes outdated. Most cars last about 165,000-200,000 miles before they start experiencing frequent breakdowns and are no longer safe to drive. Heaters are exactly the same way.

They typically last 15-18 years, assuming that they are of high quality and have regular maintenance checks during the year. However, even with proper maintenance and care, the heating unit will eventually grow too old and need to be replaced. So if the heater is 15-18 years old, it may be best to replace it before the unit breaks down completely.

Are There Frequent Breakdowns?

If there are frequent breakdowns, this is another big sign that the heater needs to be replaced. What exactly does this look like? When there’s one thing after another that keeps going wrong. For instance, if the heater starts making a strange noise, homeowners may discover that the blower wheel is malfunctioning and have it fixed.

But soon after, the heater stops blowing warm air, so they get that fixed. Then, soon after, they notice the pilot light has turned yellow instead of burning its usual blue. And so they fix that as well. Eventually, when so many things have gone wrong, it’s time to call it. The heater is likely on its last leg and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Have the Energy Bills Skyrocketed?

Woman shocked by electric bill

Homeowners always have a lot of bills to keep track of. There are phone bills, mortgage bills, water bills, energy bills, and the list goes on. Homeowners need to stay extremely organized to keep track of all of these bills over time. They should always pay close attention to the bills that vary from month to month, like energy bills, to spot any inconsistencies.

If homeowners notice a sudden rise in their energy bill this fall or winter, there may be a problem with the heater. If the heater has a broken component or isn’t working efficiently, the unit has to work harder to provide the same results. This ends up causing higher energy bills. Homeowners should seriously consider replacing the unit if this occurs. Otherwise, it could lead to a complete breakdown in the near future.

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