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The Hidden Dangers of DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Why Avoid DIY AC Repair Like the Plague

With the ever-growing popularity of Pinterest and YouTube, the era of the DIY project has not only surfaced but engulfed today’s market. There are businesses dedicated to helping people DIY whatever it is they want to do.

Wine and paint services are a big one. Why buy a painting from a store when someone can paint the same thing with their own two hands? Why buy a bookshelf when it can be built from scratch by following a short set of directions on YouTube. These days, most things are pretty easy to DIY. But when it comes to home repair, it’s a whole other story.

Because home repair can mean jeopardizing the safety and comfort of those living in the home, it’s critical that the repair is done correctly the first time and that problems don’t start spinning out of control. The best way to ensure this is to avoid DIY air conditioner repair and hire an experienced professional instead.

DIY Air Conditioner Repairs Can’t Offer Safety and Insurance

pro technicianEver experienced trying to fix something, but instead, it just ends off worse than it was to begin with? There’s a lot of people that have taken a ride in that boat. In most cases, homeowners do not have the expertise needed to solve a repair issue effectively, which can either cause added damage or make the repair tougher for the next contractor - leading to higher costs.

Forget one small thing and the AC ends up malfunctioning in other ways. A professional HVAC company ensures that homeowners are protected with both the safety and literal insurance they need for any potential damages. All home repairs have some level of risk, but having this insurance coverage provides homeowners with peace of mind.

DIY AC Repair Isn’t a Quick Solution

The one thing people always forget is how long a DIY project can take. The video for building a new bookshelf might only be five minutes long, but it takes a lot longer than that to actually complete! DIY AC repairs take a lot of tools, time, and energy. When a homeowner takes on a home repair project, they need time to learn how to fix the problem, then they need time to get the tools and replacements, and then they need time to actually do the repair.

quick solution

The problem is that there’s no time to waste when your air conditioner is broken. Hiring a professional speeds up the repair process. Professionals already have the knowledge and the tools that they need on-hand, and they can execute the repair faster and more safely than a homeowner doing AC repair for the first time.

At-Home Repairs Don’t Diagnose the Whole System

system repairEverything is connected within the HVAC system. If there is a small air conditioner repair that’s needed, this is often a sign of a larger HVAC problem. When homeowners try to fix the AC problem themselves, they don’t know how to run a diagnosis on the whole system to get a broader picture of what’s gone wrong in the HVAC system.

When a professional is involved, they can fix the problem at hand and run diagnostics on the whole system. This approach can help identify any underlying issues and allows homeowners to implement a solution that’s best for the entire HVAC system.

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