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Is it Almost Thanksgiving Already? Time to Put Up Holiday Lights!

Get a Headstart on Outdoor Christmas Lights

Decorating the home for the holidays is harder than it seems. It’s more than untangling Christmas lights, digging out some old boxes, and blowing up an inflatable Santa; it’s also about saving money. Homeowners have many options this holiday season when decorating their houses.

Here are some things one needs to know about decorating this holiday season:

Find the Right Kind of Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas lightsA few years ago, homeowners had one option when putting up Christmas lights––long and cheap strands. Often, one had to resort to using extension cords just to plug them in. However, times have changed, and homeowners have countless options when putting up Christmas lights. Some of these options include using the following:

  • LED Christmas lights. The New York Times reports that LED lights have countless benefits, from durability to brighter lights. Many homeowners also prefer LED lights to incandescent lights because of their longevity and energy efficiency. A single strand of LED lights can last upward of 10 years and are cheaper to operate than traditional Christmas lights.
  • Solar Christmas lights. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to see an increase in their electric bill once Christmas rolls around. However, they don’t have to accept this increase as an inevitability. They can instead opt for solar-powered Christmas lights, which harness energy from the sun to turn on.
  • Christmas lawn decor. From inflatables to animatronics, there are endless ways homeowners can decorate their yards for the holidays. Some decorations don’t even use energy; they’re set-it-and-forget-it fixtures.

Don’t Forget About Electrical Safety!

electrical safetyThe U.S. Fire Administration reports that electrical fires endanger people’s lives daily. The organization notes that electrical fires peak around December and January. One can prevent electrical fires this holiday season by:

  • Not overloading outlets
  • Throwing out cords that are frayed or have exposed wiring
  • Only use extension cords temporarily
  • Being mindful of overheating cords, lights, and outlets
  • Insert cords fully into outlets
  • Make sure cords are designed for outdoor use if installed outside

Our holiday light installers can explain other measures to keep homeowners safe this winter.

Homeowners Can Go Green With These Easy Steps

As noted, one could see a significant increase in their energy bills by using Christmas lights. That’s why one should consider using LED lights, solar-powered lights, and battery-operated decorations. These items do more than save money on electrical bills; they also:

  • Give the home some curb appeal. These alternative decorations are just as good as traditional ones. They truly make a house feel like a home for the holidays.
  • Reduce the likelihood of electrical fires. Solar-powered and battery-operated lights don’t rely on electricity, so it’s nearly impossible for them to cause fires.
  • Generally cost less. One can buy decorations for their home without having to shell out tens of dollars each season. These decorations also last longer, reducing how often homeowners need to replace them.

About A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions

A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions gets an A-plus when it comes to home improvement services. This holiday season, one can take advantage of their services. They offer heating and cooling help, home remodels, repairs, and holiday light installations. They’ve proudly served the residents of Austin, Texas, since 1977. To learn more about getting the home ready for the holidays, call them today for holiday light installation in Austin, TX.