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Get Started On Your Spring Cleaning With a Professional Gutter Cleaning!

With April Showers Come May Flowers - and Dirty Gutters! Trust a Pro To Get Them Clean

Most homeowners don’t consider that their gutters might need to be cleaned in the spring. After all, it’s typically regarded as a job for the late fall or early winter, when the leaves are falling. But as the wind picks up and the spring rains begin, plenty of debris gets knocked loose and whipped around. Naturally, a good portion of all this junk ends up in the home’s gutter system, where it can clog up the works and cause problems. Clearing out a home’s gutters is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task and can even be quite dangerous depending on the height and position of the gutters. But for a professional with the right tools and safety equipment, it’s no problem.

Why Is It Important To Keep Gutters Clean?

Person removing dirt and debris from gutterThe primary purpose of a home’s gutter system is to capture rainwater from the roof and divert it away from the house and into the surrounding soil or municipal storm drain system. Without gutters, rainwater would pour like a waterfall around the edge of the house. Aside from soaking anyone going in or out, this water can collect and cause flooding or soil erosion that can sink or damage the home’s foundation. When the gutters get full of debris, the flow of water gets choked. Instead of going down the downspout, water will back up and overflow, defeating the purpose of the gutters altogether. Badly clogged gutters also make appealing nesting places for bugs and pesky rodents during dry periods!

What’s Clogging the Gutters?

In the autumn, falling leaves are the main form of gutter debris. The spring usually brings a more varied assortment of junk. Plenty of stubborn leaves continue to fall during the winter months and can pile up with surprising volume. The same goes for old seeds or acorns that dropped late. Trees shed bark and drop deadwood and twigs, or even whole branches - this is primarily a problem after the brutal ice storms of late winter. Flower petals from blooming trees and bushes easily find their way into gutters. Blowing dust, pollen, and roof shingle grit can settle into a silt-like substance and cause clogs.

Is Gutter Guard Installation Worth It?

Person installing gutter guardMany homeowners are investing in gutter guards to eliminate the need for frequent cleaning. Gutter guards are typically fine mesh screens or grates installed over the gutter to keep out leaves and larger debris while still allowing water to pour in. They do still need to be checked and cleaned periodically to ensure proper function, but nowhere near as often as unguarded gutters. Gutter guards are highly effective and fairly inexpensive, which is why they’re becoming increasingly popular. Installing them can be a somewhat difficult (and dangerous) task, so it’s usually best to ask a trusted professional plumber or handyman if they offer installation.

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