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Don't Let Seasonal Allergies Ruin the Day

Spring Cleaning to Aid Allergies

As the weather warms up, many people begin to experience seasonal allergies. People affected by allergies may be looking for ways to improve their indoor air quality and reduce their symptoms this spring. Spring cleaning is a great way to remove pollen, dust, and other allergens. Those with allergies can also benefit from opening windows and replacing their AC unit’s air filter.

The Myth of Closed Windows


Sufferers from allergies might argue that opening a window in the middle of allergy season is not a good idea. But closed windows can actually worsen allergies because the air that moves through the air conditioner can become stale and aggravate the sinuses. 

Opening the windows now and then allows the air in the home to circulate with the air outside the house, bringing more rich oxygen and other substances our bodies benefit from. In addition, opening the windows in the home on days with a low pollen count and a slight breeze allows the sinuses to take a break from the harsh air conditioner.


Replacing the Air Filter

The consensus for replacing the air filter is around every three months, but changing the air filter in the AC unit more often benefits those suffering from seasonal allergies. This allows the air filter to work efficiently and doesn’t allow enough time to become full of dust and debris. 

One type of air filter is the fiberglass filter, which has fiberglass strands overlapping with a metal grate enclosed on the inside. Another typical filter is the pleated air filter which uses polyester or pleater fabric to stop dust and a small number of airborne particles. The HEPA air filters are most beneficial for those with allergies or those trying to improve their home’s air quality. This filter has been shown to remove up to 99.97% of particles found in the air. 

Dust is Everywhere, Literally

For those who try to keep the home clean, dust is one of the most irritating substances. Running a microfiber towel over every piece of furniture is highly satisfying and helpful for the home's overall air quality. Soon, especially during allergy season, the surfaces are littered with fallen particles that seem to come out of nowhere. 

As daunting and hopeless as the task of dusting seems, it plays a significant role in the fight to keep pollen and other nasal irritants at bay. Homeowners that regularly dusted their home experienced less eye itching, nasal congestion, and throat itchiness than homeowners who hadn’t.  

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