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Central AC or Ductless Cooling?

Is Central AC or Ductless Cooling Better?

Central air conditioning and ductless mini-split systems are the two most popular types of air conditioning systems for modern homes. In this blog post, we go over the differences between the two as well as the benefits of each. Whether central air conditioning or a ductless AC unit is better depends on the house.

Most homes use ductwork to distribute air from the HVAC unit throughout the rooms of the house. This is called central air conditioning. This is the most popular type of HVAC system, but it does not work for every household. Ductless mini-splits enable homeowners to heat and cool spaces where installing ductwork is not an option or where you need a stand-alone unit and don’t want it to tie into your central unit.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

central ACCentral air conditioning units are the most popular type for a reason. They offer efficient heating and cooling for modern homes. Compared to window AC units, central air conditioning systems provide better temperature control and more even air distribution.

Because the HVAC unit is located outside the home, central air conditioning systems are much quieter than traditional wall and window air conditioners. With central AC, homeowners can enjoy a temperature-controlled environment without all the noise.

Most of the central air conditioning system is hidden from view, which gives central air conditioning an aesthetic benefit over ductless air systems. Central air conditioning is quiet, efficient, and hides the ugliest hardware from sight. Another benefit of central air conditioning is that it filters the air as it ventilates through the system for cleaner indoor air quality.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

mini split ACInstalling ductwork is not always an option for some homes, but ductless air conditioners provide a good alternative. Ductless mini-split systems are small, wall-mounted air conditioning and heating units, usually heat pumps.

Ductless AC units are a more flexible installation option than central air because of their smaller size. Ductless mini-split systems are a type of zone heating and cooling, where each room or space is temperature controlled by a separate unit. This can often offer even more efficient performance than central air. Around 15% of temperature is lost from the air in its journey through the ductwork, which is why ductless air conditioning provides more efficient temperature control than central air.

Other AC Options

Central AC and ductless air conditioners are the two most popular for modern residential properties, but there are a few other options. Air conditioning window units are a traditional choice of an air conditioner. The biggest benefits of window air conditioning units are that they are inexpensive and easy to install. The downside is that they do not offer the most efficient performance and usually make a lot of noise.

Portable air conditioners are a great alternative for cooling a space if central or mini-split systems will not work. A portable AC unit is easy to install for supplemental temperature control or as the main source of temperature control. Portable AC units are mobile, meaning they can be easily moved around. They make a great option for adding to an office or a bedroom.

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