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Black History Month HVAC Inventors

Three Black Inventors That Revolutionized Modern Heating and Cooling

There are hundreds of black inventors that do not go recognized! Unfortunately, they are often forgotten in history, but homeowners should learn about them because homeowners benefit from their contributions. There are many tools and techniques that plumbing, HVAC, and electrical technicians use today that a black inventor created.

Just to name three in this article, David Crosthwait, Alice Parker, and Lewis Latimer changed the HVAC industry forever with their three brilliant inventions. Most of the names on this list also went on to invent other amazing things!

1. David Crosthwait

David Crosthwait was an amazing black inventor who changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. He was a creative and brilliant mind that created various contributions in just a few years.

He was an engineer and invented many devices, with the most popular ones made during the 1920s and 1930s. In just ten years, David Crosthwait contributed to the modern heating and cooling system by creating temperature regulation devices, a new boiler system, and vacuum pumps.

The new boiler system was easier to use, less money to operate, and worked faster to warm a home using water instead of gas. Some homeowners still use water boiler systems for their central heating as they last a long time.

2. Alice Parker

alice parkerAlice Parker was a black woman and inventor of a gas furnace with ductwork. Parker created this when she noticed a huge safety problem with the previous heating method.

Before her patented invention, people were using an older system that was expensive and dangerous. The materials necessary to burn for heat were mainly wood and coal, which at the time were expensive. Not everyone could afford this heating technology and got sick.

Her gas furnace fixed the problem as the immensely flammable materials were unnecessary, and gas was easy to come by. The duct also erased the possibility of overheating and fire, which was a massive relief.

3. Lewis Latimer

lewis latimer

Indoor air quality was something most people did not blink at, but Lewis Latimer noticed a problem and wanted to fix it immediately. He created the condenser unit, which used humidity and condensation in the air to cool a home and simultaneously clean the air.

Although this HVAC contribution is amazing, Latimer also is credited with the invention of the lightbulb and the telephone. He did not create the first light bulb but improved it only weeks after Thomas Edison had it patented.

In the case of the telephone, Latimer did not design the invention but took part in creating blueprints to make it happen. Lewis Latimer was one of many African American inventors with incredible scientific talent!

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