The Problem With Oversized AC Units

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There is a common misconception about sizing your air conditioner when it comes to heating and cooling your home or business. Most people believe the larger the air conditioning unit, the faster it will cool or heat the room- thus lowering your electric bill. There is only slight truth in such a notion. Yes, the room in which you want to cool or heat will reach the ideal temperature much faster with an oversized unit, however simply heating or cooling is not the only function of an AC unit. Only part of the air conditioner’s function is dedicated to heating or cooling, the other part of the units function is to dehumidify the air, something many people tend to overlook, or not even consider.  It is the proper combination of acceptable humidity and temperature that creates comfort.

A home or business with a correct sized AC unit will run at the ideal length of time resulting in desired temperature and dehumidification.  With an oversized unit, the unit does not have ample time to properly remove enough water from the air. For you techies out there- When water vapor condenses on the coil of an oversized unit, there is not enough condensation on the coil to pass through the pan below. Even if the water were to reach this point, it has still not done its job dehumidifying the home due to the fact that there will not be enough water built up on the pan to eject from the unit entirely. This could result in the water evaporating and eventually makings its way back inside.

This alone would be a valid reason as to why people should avoid purchasing an oversized unit, however it is not the only one. Another aspect is overall cost. A larger unit will cost more money up front, and in the long run. Aside from that, the stereotype that it will save you money is vastly embellished.  Before you upsize your system because it is not keeping up, first check your home’s “energy well being”.  It makes more sense to repair duct’s or add insulation, and not to change the size of the system.

So how does one assure that they are purchasing a properly sized unit for their home or business?

Your best bet is to get a HVAC certified professional to assess your needs. A properly trained home analysis will suggest what is the proper size system for the home or business you are trying to cool. A-Plus Air conditioning and Home Solutions professionals will not only guide you through the building analysis, but offer suggestions to what suits your needs best, whether it is weatherizing your home or replacing your cooling and heating system with the proper size.  Check A-Plus out!!!