What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostat by A-plus of Austin, TX

AC Repair, AC Service, ECAD Audit, Austin TX, Austin, Texas, Round Rock, APlusAC, A Plus, Air ConditionerWe live in an age where we are beginning to see the birth of smart homes. Having said that, it brings up the question of what exactly is a smart home and what does one need to do in order to classify your home as one? A Smart Home is a dwelling that has one or more devices connected to the Internet that can be remotely interacted with. There are plenty of smart home devices on the market such as smart door locks, smart window blinds, light bulbs, plugs, security cameras, plus more. Once a person installs at least one of these types of devices, you officially have a smart home.

One of the most popular smart home devices in 2016 are smart thermostats. Which isn’t very surprising to hear since heating and cooling contribute to almost half of a homes energy bill. So what exactly are some of the benefits to homeowners who would have to dish out between $200 – $400 to replace something in their home that already works fine the way it is?

A smart thermostat is an effective way to slash cost on your energy bill. If you fancy your home to stay around a specific temperature while you are home, there is no reason why you should have to continue to heat/cool the home to stay at the same temperature while you are away. This is easily the biggest inefficiency when it comes to homes that do not have a smart thermostat. By being able to adjust the temperature to use less energy when the home is empty, this can save money on the monthly energy bill. Another incentive would be rebates from most major electric companies. As a way to encourage customers to install such devices in their home or office, many electric companies promise additional savings every month. This is in addition to the savings you already save by having a more efficient thermostat.

REMOTE ACCESS:AC Repair, AC Service, ECAD Audit, Austin TX, Austin, Texas, Round Rock, APlusAC, A Plus, Air Conditioner
Having remote access to your thermostat certainly helps when you are away. Imagine getting off work when it is hot outside, you could adjust the temperature to your liking so the house will feel the way you like it once you arrive home. Or maybe turning off your system entirely for a few days while you are out of town. While these are good examples of how remote access would be beneficial, they aren’t the only ones. The access could be used even while you are inside the home. If your phone is closer to you than getting up to physically turn the temperature up or down is a perfect example. That becomes especially in handy late at night when you are in bed trying to fall asleep.

These are just a few examples as to why having a smart thermostat can be beneficial. In the grand scheme of things, in the long run the savings kind of pay for the device itself. If you would like to know more or have any questions, we are always available to assist you. Give us a call at 512-450-1980 or visit our website at www.APlusAC.com and we will take care of you.