Poor Air Quality Within The Home

Dirty Air Filters cause poor air quality - A-Plus of Austin, TX

AC Repair, AC Service, ECAD Audit, Austin TX, Austin, Texas, Round Rock, APlusAC, A Plus, Air ConditionerAir quality is something that many people take notice of.  After all, air quality can affect our health and that of our families.  If smog is visible in the distance of any given city, chances are that the air quality in your home is equally unacceptable.  However, there are entities indoors that can also contribute to air pollution. 


How does one identify if the air quality in their home is less than ideal? 


Symptoms of poor indoor air quality can often vary.  At times, poor air quality can be commonly mistaken for allergies or a cold.  Depending on the contaminant at fault, true poor air quality systems can range anywhere from dizziness, fatigue, coughing, sneezing, or the watering of the eyes.  


How does one purify the air quality in the home?


Air purification can be done in different ways.  One way is to increase the ventilation.  However, doing something as simple as opening a window can leave the home air quality susceptible to airborne mold or fuel emissions.  Turning on the AC is another way to purify the air.  Most modern units dehumidify the air which can release air pollution and take it out the home.  Finally, installing a stand-alone HEPA air cleaner, or a HEPA filter in-line with your heating and cooling system  can lure pollutants out the home using disposable HEPA filters.


For a complete assessment of the air quality within your home, the professionals at APlus can give you expert advice on how to permanently lower pollutants for you and your loved ones.