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A New Thermostat Can Help Homes Stay Green for St. Patrick's Day

Go Green and Save Green with a New Thermostat

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Dday may keep people from getting pinched on the holiday but turning a typical home into a green home can save homeowners from being pinched by high energy bills for the entire year. Smart technology has contributed significantly to the development of special devices that make it easy for homeowners to monitor and adjust their home’s energy usage. 

Digital and smart thermostats are two examples of devices that are becoming extremely popular for homeowners to have installed. These devices allow homeowners to save money on their heating and cooling bills. Here is a quick guide from local HVAC technicians to help homeowners shop around for a new thermostat. 

Types of Thermostats


For homeowners that haven’t updated their thermostats in a few years, the technology has come a long way. Gone are the days of bimetallic coils and dangerous mercury switches. New thermostats are digital and offer the homeowner greater control over their indoor environment. Greater control for the homeowner means big money savings over time. Now homeowners can program and remotely control their HVAC systems to save energypower. The two best options on the market today are: 

  • Digital: Digital thermostats are fairly cheap and easy to install. They use more accurate temperature sensing technology and can accommodate other features that older thermostats couldn’t. Owners can program them to automatically raise or lower the temperature when the home is unoccupied or whenever the energy demand is low. 
  • Smart: Smart thermostats are digital thermostats that are Wi-Fi compatible. This gives the homeowner even greater control over their home’s temperature. Smart thermostats have special programs that allow them to learn the habits of the occupants of the house. This saves the headache of homeowners having to program their own thermostats. 

How Smart Thermostats Save Money

thermostatIn short, thermostats save money by saving power. For example, there is no need to cool or heat a home to comfortable temperatures when no one is around to enjoy it. A digital or smart thermostat can be programmed or sense that no one is around and adjust energy usage accordingly. This helps especially during the hot Austin summers by saving money on unnecessary cooling bills. Smart thermostats can even shut off compressors in an AC but continue to run the blower to distribute cooled air more completely. This allows ACs to run more efficiently and the temperature to stay more comfortable. 

Extra Features

Shopping for a new thermostat can be a big deal since many new products are available on the market. Along with being able to control energy usage, other features are standard on popular smart thermostat models. Some of the features that people commonly use are:

  • Wi-Fi access
  • Zone control
  • Easy programming and remote control from apps
  • Indoor air quality add-ons
  • Easy energy reporting so owners can track energy savings

By looking for extra features on their smart thermostat, homeowners can improve their air quality, maintain comfort, lower energy bills, and support the environment, all at the same time. 

About A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions 

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