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Is Your Upstairs Hotter Than Your Downstairs?

If the upstairs section of your home is hotter than the downstairs—or vice versa—zoning may be the best solution! The concept of zoning is simple. You can install multiple systems to heat and cool multiple areas of your home or you could use a single system with electric dampers and multiple thermostats to achieve the same results. If you already have a home with just one system, this is the preferred method.

For example, a two-story home may have one zone downstairs and a second zone upstairs. The use of multiple thermostats enables greater control and balance of the hot or cool air disbursed throughout the home.

A Zoned System Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Zoning with dampers and a controller is especially useful in homes with two levels, but with only one mechanical system and one thermostat. One level is comfortable, while the other level is too hot or cold. Another zoned design might include the living area in one zone, with the sleeping area in another. Having a zoned system will let your unit run at a lower capacitive and reduce your electric bill.

Zoning can also be helpful for businesses with different needs throughout the office. For example, one area of the workplace might have a lot of people, while another area may have few people but a lot of heat-generating machinery. Having a zoned commercial HVAC system allows greater temperature control to help maintain a comfortable working temperature for your employees.

There Are Two Ways To Zone A Home:

  • Installing multiple HVAC systems
  • Installing a single HVAC system with a multi-speed compressor and a duct system with electronic dampers, master controller, & a thermostat in each zone
Modern Programming Thermostat installation

A-Plus is Trained & Experienced In Designing & Installing Zoned Systems

At A-Plus, we are experts at designing & installing quality zoning systems to help you enjoy the comfort you desire in your home or business. You can count on A-Plus for all your home comfort & zoning needs in Austin, Texas.

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