A-Plus UV Filtration: Cleaner Air For Your HVAC System

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Get Cleaner, Healthier Air With Filters & UV Lights

Did you know that filters are the backbone of clean air through your cooling and heating systems? Regularly changing filters can increase the life of your HVAC system. There are several filter types, each functioning differently. However, all air filters should reduce dust, allergens and pet hair through your system and home, keeping the air you breathe cleaner and healthier.

A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions is dedicated to delivering quality clean air solutions. We use only the highest-quality, industry-leading air filtration systems to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

We Can Help You Pick The Right Air Filter For Your Home

Some air filter models are highly specialized for removing allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other models are more focused on keeping your AC system clean and functioning at maximum efficiency. Whether you need a filter to help with allergies or just a basic filter to keep your AC running properly, A-Plus offers a wide range of air filter products to suit each customer’s unique requirements.

From standard to pleated varieties; from one-inch filters to four-inch pleated, high-efficiency models manufactured by Honeywell and Aprilaire/Space-Gard, A-Plus has a filter type, model and size to help keep the air inside your home cleaner.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lights Reduce Mold Spores

UV lights are especially helpful for mold-allergy sufferers. Hospitals have long used them to eliminate air-born mold spores, and in some cases, reduce odors.

These products are now available for home and office use. Some UV light products are categorized as Class 2 medical devices and, in certain cases, can be claimed as a medical expense. If you’re allergic to mold, A-Plus recommends adding UV light to your new system to make your indoor air quality healthier for you and your family.

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