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Does your Home Have a Thick Insulation Blanket?

Insulation comes in many different colors, such as grey, white, pink or yellow. Modern insulation is also made from many different material types, such as cellulose, rock wool, cotton or fiberglass. Whatever the color or material type, they’re all designed to wrap your home or business in an insulated “blanket.” Insulation helps keep conditioned air inside your living space and hot or cold air out.

The more insulation you install in your attic, the less your Austin air conditioner and heater runs. Decreased operation time reduces the energy costs associated with operating your HVAC unit.

It’s important to inspect the amount of insulation in your attic to verify if your home is sufficiently insulated. Don’t be misled into thinking you have sufficient amounts of insulation because it covers the tops of your ceiling joists. To ensure your home is adequately insulated, you need at least 12+ inches of any of the types mentioned above. R-38 (or 12 – 16 inches) is the standard for our type of climate zone. Don’t cut yourself short!

A-Plus Provides Austin Home Comfort
with the Whole House Approach

At A-Plus, we promote a “whole house” concept to cutting your home’s energy costs. “Whole house” is a holistic concept that incorporates several types of energy reduction services to, achieve optimal energy savings:

  • You begin with an Energy Audit
  • Make repairs to ducts by sealing or replacing
  • Install proper insulation levels
  • Weatherize the building envelope
  • Test for proper air leakage levels and repair as needed
  • Conclude by testing for Quality Control
Insulation for whole house concept
insulation services

Ensuring proper insulation levels is a crucial part of the whole house system. The best time to inspect your insulation and add more is after sealing and replacing bad ducts. You don’t want to bury an issue, pun intended! Your home will be more comfortable and your electric and gas bills will be less.

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