Benefits of LED Christmas Light Installation in Austin

Large House in Austin, Texas with Holiday lights set up by A-Plus AC & Home SolutionsDo you want to save money on your energy bill this December?  Well, we can help!  It’s as easy as upgrading your old incandescent C7, C9, or mini holiday lights to new, vibrantly colored LED bulbs.  This includes holiday lights installed on your roofline, wrapped on your trees, on light-up wreaths, and around your beautifully decorated Christmas tree.  We know this may sound overwhelming, but it’s easy with our LED Christmas light installation services in Austin.

Reasons LED Holiday Lights Are Better LED

technology is not a new technology, as it have been available to consumers for over a decade.  LED bulbs have become more energy-efficient, brilliant in color and shine, and are considerably more affordable than a few years ago.  Our Christmas Light Installation Team at A-Plus highly recommends upgrading to LED lights for the following reasons:

  1. Holiday Lights Use Less Energy.
    LED Christmas lights use light-emitting diodes, rather than filaments to produce light.  LED bulbs produce energy inside of the bulb, which means it uses 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights.
  2. Nighttime Holiday lights set up by A-Plus AC & Home Solutions in Austin, TxLED Bulbs Are More Cost-Effective.
    Even though there is a slightly higher upfront cost for LED bulbs, compared to the old style C7, C9, or mini lights, their operating cost is much lower.  According to the US Department of Energy, they use up to 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.  You will see these savings year after year with an LED upgrade.
  3. LED Holiday Lights Are Safer.
    LED Bulbs always stay cool to the touch, while incandescent light bulbs waste energy by emitting heat into the atmosphere.  Over time, these hot, incandescent bulbs can pose a risk for fires and burns.  This is especially hazardous for children and pets.
  4. Holiday Light Bulb on Wooden TableLED Christmas Lights Are More Durable.
    LED Christmas bulbs have plastic housing, while the incandescent bulbs are made of glass.  When glass breaks on the traditional Christmas light bulbs, the broken bulb needs to be replaced, costing money.  There is also a risk of cuts and injury from the broken glass.  These bulbs can be damaged when installing Christmas lights around your home, as well as when they are removed after the holiday season.  With the plastic housing of the LED bulbs, you are less likely to end up with a broken bulb.
  5. Holiday LED Lights Are Brighter.
    The brightness of the LED bulb has increased dramatically over the past decade.  These improvements make the bulbs equal to or more brilliant than the incandescent style.  This is because LED Christmas bulbs naturally create a full spectrum of colored lights, while the incandescent bulbs are painted.  Over time, the paint from the incandescent bulb can chip or fade in color, leaving a dull display.

Contact Us for Christmas Light Installation in Austin, Texas

Holiday Decorations in Austin, Texas with A-Plus AC & Home Solutions outside on fence. At A-Plus, we guarantee high quality and customizable holiday lighting installation throughout the Austin area.  We have a large selection of holiday lights ready to be sized to fit your home by our fully insured, professional, Christmas light installers.  We can install holiday lights on your home or business, including:

  • Roof Lines
  • Wrap Columns
  • Lined Walkways/Driveways
  • On Trees, Branches, and Bushes
  • Around the door too
  • Or any other display you can imagine!

With a warehouse full of LED C7 Bulbs and LED Mini Lights, our holiday lighting team is ready to turn your home into your very own winter wonderland.   Call A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions at 512-450-1980 for a free Christmas light installation estimate.  We can help create a beautiful display that will have your neighbors talking!