The Benefits of Going Curbless


Struggling with limited mobility can make bathing dangerous and difficult.  If you or someone you love is looking for an easy-access solution, as a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (Caps),   A-Plus can surly lend a guiding hand.  Today, being an accessible home means replacing your old Bathtub or Walk-In to a Roll-In Shower.

What is the difference between a walk-in shower and a Roll-in shower? 

A roll-in shower (or zero curb shower or curbless shower or zero-barrier shower) has a zero threshold and wide openings for those who need a wheelchair accessible option or others who have difficulty picking up their feet when stepping over curbs.  On the other hand, a walk-in shower, is a traditional shower model with a lower threshold than that associated with a bath-shower combination, but it still has a step to get in.

If you are thinking of remodeling your shower, this is the ideal time to discuss what type of shower is best for your family now, and in the next 10 to 20 years.  If you are planning on spending your golden years in your current home, a Roll-In Shower may be the best option for your family.

Roll-In Shower Advantages

  • Ease of Use for people of all ages: Many Austinite’s are now opting to care for aging family members at home.  A curbless shower provides easy access for people of all ages.
  • Peace of Mind: More falls occur in the bathroom than any other room in your home. Eliminating an extra step will help reduce falling.
  • Easy to maintain: The lack of shower curb allows for less dank places for mildew and mold to hide.  It is also easier to clean, unlike a bathtub or shower enclosure, you do not need to bend over to scrub its surface.
  • Maximizes your space: Curbless showers are perfect to install in small spaces. Without a curb, the bathroom floor will flow from wall to wall, making it appear larger.  We can work with you to minimize your bathroom layout.

Roll-In Shower Cons

  • Water Leakage: Without a curb or barrier around the shower, water could leak out of the shower causing the bathroom floor to become wet. This is especially true for smaller showers, using a rain shower head can help resolve this issue by keeping the water coming down in a certain spot inside the shower. A pivoting shower screen can also help prevent water from leaking.
  • Colder Room: Since your roll-in shower will not have a door, it allows heat to escape making your shower experience cooler. Adding a bathroom heater should be a consideration when you upgrade.

If you are thinking of Remodeling your Bathroom in Austin, Texas, installing a Roll-In Shower, Walk-In Shower, or replace your shower surround, our consultants at A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions can help every step of the way.  Give A-Plus a call at 512-450-1980 to schedule your free in home consultation today.  From installing granite counter tops, custom vanity installs and even tile back splashing and tile flooring, we do it all!  Check out our gallery with examples of our recent projects.