Austin Handyman Service Tips from A-Plus!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Handyman or Handywoman Experience:

Are you looking to repair a leaning fence, or replace a ceiling fan?  Hiring an Austin Handyman can be a quick and cost effect way to tackle your “Honey-Do-List.”  Typically billed on the hour, a handyman can handle a wide variety of smaller projects, as compared to a general contractor, who would be better for coordinating larger projects that involve multiple trades or specialized skills.  There are a few simple things a homeowner can do prior to a visit with their local handyman to get the most bang for your buck.

How to prepare for a local handyman:

    • Make a List: Before even scheduling your Handyman Service in Austin, make a list of all the home repairs and improvements you need to have done. Since most handyman visits are hourly, be sure to place your most desired home improvements high on your list to ensure they will be taken care of.  Consider having the handyman perform outside work last, to help keep dirt outside of your home such as fence repairs or deck repairs.


    • Know Your Budget: When looking for your trusted Handyman, research pricing before hiring. Does your company charge by the hour?  What is the hourly rate?  Is there a trip fee?  Is there a charge if the handyman needs to go to the store?  Knowing your budget will also help prioritize your list on the day of your service.


    • Purchase Materials Ahead of Time: Though many handyman will go to the store to pick up materials for you, consider planning a head and having the materials at your home before the handyman arrives. Handyman services that charge by the hour will bill for time to go to the store.  If you are unsure of all the materials you need, consider purchasing some of the materials for your home repairs, and have the handyman make a list for you once they arrive.  While the handyman is working on your projects, you can than go to the store to buy the missing materials.  Sometimes, even the office staff can assist making you a shopping list.


    • Prep Your Home: Clear out the space you would like the handyman to work in. For instance, if there is a repairing a cabinet, remove all items from the cabinet.  If you have breakable items, remove them from the workspace as a precaution.  If you have materials, place them near the project sites to save time.  For example, if you are looking to replace a light fixture, place the new light fixture in the install room.


    • Protect your Pets & Kids: For all A-Plus clients, we call each customer before heading to their home so there are no surprises. Consider placing your pets in a safe room, kennel or outside while the handyman is at your home to keep them safe.  Many handyman projects will require power tools that could be dangerous for small children.  Try keeping your children occupied in a different room, or supervise them closely when in the same room as your A-Plus Handyman.


Schedule Your Austin Handyman Service

Whether you need your gutters cleaned, driveway power washed, light fixture replaced, door adjusted, or many other task, A-Plus can help with our team of experienced Handyman in Austin, Texas.  If you are unsure if your home repair falls into our handyman service, just give our office a call at 512-450-1980 and they can help schedule the right worker for the job.  From kitchens, to flooring, to AC repair, A-Plus does it all! Give us a call today!