What is Involved in an AC Check Up?

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Summer is here in Austin, Texas.  The last thing you need is your air conditioner failing, leaving your family to endure the extreme summer heat.  Enjoy a little peace of mind with a seasonal HVAC check up from A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions.

Regular maintenance for your Austin AC and Heating System is very important to help prevent unexpected breakdowns, operate safely, increase the lifespan of your system, help your unit run more efficiently, and reduce the operating expenses.  We recommend two checkups a year, one in the spring/summer for your air conditioning and the second for the fall/winter for your heating.

What Will Our AC Techs Check Out In Spring? Heating and AC repair

  • Check for Low Refrigerant Levels – Low refrigerant levels can indicate a freon leak that needs to be repaired.  A lack of refrigerant can burn out your compressor leading to expensive repairs or costly replacements.
  • Check the Electrical System – Our technicians make sure all components and controls are working properly to ensure no wasted energy or electrical shorts.
  • Check Evaporate and Condenser Coils – Dirty coils can reduce the energy efficiency and cooling ability of your AC unit. Our AC experts will check to make sure your coils are clean and working correctly.
  • Calibrate Your Thermostat – We check your thermostat to make sure your AC is not working harder than it should be.
  • Check for Leaks in the Supply Plenum – Leaks at the supply plenum will cause your AC system to run inefficiently and cool areas if your home that you may not want to be cooled, such as your attic.
  • Blow Out Your Drain Line – Our techs will even pour customer provided bleach into the drain to keep it clean and prevent mold, dust, pollen, or bacteria from blowing into your home!
  • Change your AC Filter – We will replace your AC filter with a new customer provided AC Filter to ensure that it is installed correctly and working properly.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Check Up

A-Plus Air Conditioning & Home Solutions is currently offering great discounts on AC checkups and qualifying HVAC Equipment Upgrades.  We even offer Regular Preventative Maintenance Agreements that come with savings such as 15% off Daytime Repairs, Discounts on Diagnostic, No Overtime Rates, and Discounts on Handyman Service.  To learn more about our A/C Check Ups or to make an appointment, call 512-450-1980 today!