Is My Thermostat Temperature Set Too Low?

The summer heat will soon be in full swing. Many of our wonderful A-Plus customers ask our AC Service Techs, “What is the BEST temperature to set my AC?” Though every situation and every homeowner is different, setting your AC to 78F degrees is a good recommended temperature for energy efficiency to help keep your electrical bills lower.

Your AC system is designed to remove the heat energy from your conditioned space.  The cool air blowing out of your register grills should have no less than an 18-degree differential from the air at the return.  If your system is blowing air less than that 18 degrees, call your favorite HVAC Company to get your unit checked out.  (SEE COUPON BELOW)

Here are some other tips to consider to help keep your energy bill low when running your AC unit in the summer heat:

  • Service your A/C unit – In Austin AC maintenance is crucial. Twice a year maintenance is recommended to make sure the unit is running efficiently and keeping your family cool during the hot Texas summer.
  • Shade your windows – Protecting your home from the direct sunlight is essential. Install Solar Screens or keep the blinds shut to prevent the room from heating up.Cute Frog BBQ Image
  • Make sure to keep all exterior doors closed – Keep an eye on small kiddos. They often forget to close doors behind them when heading outside to play.
  • Avoid cooking inside if possible– Use the outdoor grill whenever you can. The oven and stove are major sources of heat.  Plus, it’s summer time in Austin, Texas after all.  Everybody loves the backyard cookout!
  • Don’t use the clothes dryer – During the hottest part of the day. It will cause an extra draw on your energy bill and heat up your house during the day.
  • Done all these steps and still having high bills? Is your AC unit over 10 years old? Request Your FREE Energy Audit* to see what improvements can be made to you home!

Austin Energy provides rebates for energy improvement such as cooling & heating system replacements, solar screens, insulation, ductwork, and more.  As a founding member of the Powersaver program with Austin Energy 30+ years ago, we know the proper techniques to save on your energy bills. If you need AC Repairs in Austin, or you just need your annual AC maintenance, A-Plus is here for you!


Give our office a call at 512-450-1980 to schedule a time for your Free Austin Energy Audit*.

*Free Audits for Valid only for Austin Energy Customers who’s AC system is over 10 years of age.  Call for more details if you are interested in an Energy Audit.  There may be a small charge if your AC unit is under the age of 10, or if you are not an Austin Energy Customer.