Winter’s upon us – Let’s talk about home insulation

We’re down to the last two months of the year and although Texas isn’t exactly known for brutal winters, we can expect temperatures to drop in the next few weeks. November and December are precarious times for heating and cooling your home as cold fronts tend to come in suddenly and without much warning. You’re stuck between a hot and a cold place, so to speak. There are a few days a year where you can get away with turning your system completely off, but once outside temperatures drop dramatically, it’s time to turn the heater on. What can you do to save energy and money and still feel warm and cozy in your home? One answer is update your home insulation.

In the case of your home, the goal is to prevent the heat your air conditioning system or furnace produces to escape through cracks, openings, or porous materials; along those same lines, you also don’t want to outside cold air coming into your home through the same channels. The five main areas you’ll want to check for poor home insulation are your attic, walls, floors, basement, and crawl space.

Insulation means reducing thermal energy transfer between objects of different temperatures. It comes in various colors and materials (cellulose, cotton, rockwool, and fiberglass) and serve as a “blanket” for your home. You’ll want at least 12 inches of any of the above materials covering walls and floors throughout your house. Furthermore, you’ll want to check the R-value (or unit of thermal resistence) of your insulation: while R-19 was once deemed sufficient, R-38 is now the standard for our climate zone.

The better your home is insulated, the less work your heating and cooling system has to do. The conditioned air is contained within the home and the temperature you select stays more consistent. Quality insulation will last for decades and can drastically reduce your energy usage and cost. Investing in good insulation once will save you money for many years to come—wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra cash for the holidays?

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