A-Plus Energy Audits and Weatherization

 is the practice of protecting a building and its interior from the elements, particularly from sunlight, precipitation, and wind, and of modifying a building to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency. A-Plus Energy Management, Air Conditioning, & Home Solutions is qualified to perform many types of audits and independent testing for Austin, Texas residents, including the audit types listed below.

ECAD Audit (residential, multi-family, commercial)

An Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD) is unique to electricity users in Austin, TX. If you are buying or selling a home, own a multi-family complex (apartments or four-plexes), or own a commercial business, Austin requires an ECAD audit to be done. Residentially, this is to inform the new homeowner about the energy “condition” of the home. Similarly, by knowing the energy “condition” (and its utility usage patterns) of the apartment complex you might lease, you can make an informed decision on what you can afford. Moreover, different requirements are necessary for commercial Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD), depending on the size of the business. Call us to learn more about Austin ECAD audits.

Visual Audit (the basics only)

This type of audit includes taking a visual impression of the building from the outside first, proceeding to learn about:

  • The building’s orientation
  • What windows get direct su
  • The ducts and ensuring they remain in good shape
  • The insulation and ensuring it is up to recommended levels

In Austin, TX, the program that utilizes this type of audit is the Home Performance Program. A-Plus was a pioneer contractor when the program began, and we continue to be one of the most qualified contractors anywhere.

Comprehensive Audit (testing included)

Are you the type of homeowner who likes recommendations based on testing and numbers? We are qualified to use the “energy door” to test for home air infiltration and how much there is. We can test the ducts for air leakage using our duct blaster, and we make sure there is proper airflow in each room using an air-balancing hood. All of these tools can be utilized to help determine and quantify what is necessary to improve the building performance.

In addition, if you are replacing your existing heating and cooling system, a manual J can be used to determine the proper size of the air conditioner to be replaced. The fees to perform these services are reasonable and the results of the tests can better inform you about where your money should be invested.

New Construction Audit (plan review)

If you are looking for a contractor to review your new building plans, evaluate your energy conservation features in your new place, or ensure that your new AC unit is properly sized, we can help. We will run a manual J and review what your builder recommended. Many times we can find small, incremental suggestions that can give you long-term savings. Call us to see how we can assist you with your new construction audit needs.

Third Party Testing

This is another unique Austin, TX program. When new homes are built or existing homes are remodeled, the city requires a contractor that did not participate in the installation of the new heating and cooling system to independently test the duct system for air leakage and perform room-by-room air balancing. A-Plus is proud to be an approved contractor on this list.

Government Energy Audit (WAP, LIHEAP, Frontier, CEAP)

A-Plus has consultants trained to do different types of government energy conservation audits. Our auditors are BPI trained and educated in the use of the NEAT audit program. Our experience includes working with the approved vendor list of Austin Energy, Travis County, Georgetown, Arlington, CSI (Corsicana), CPS (San Antonio) and the city of San Antonio. A-Plus has had the good fortune and opportunity to help hundreds of low-income homeowners throughout the Austin, TX area and the state during the past several years. We feel we are fortunate to continue participating in these programs.

Call A-Plus Energy Management, Air Conditioning & Home Solutions today at 512-450-1980 to see which of these services could help you improve weatherization and reduce your electric bills and make your home in Austin a more comfortable living area.