When you wait ’til it breaks, it costs more to replace

AC technicianHow many times have you asked your AC technician, “How much longer will my AC last?” How many times have you ignored your technician when he recommended replacing the cooling and heating system? Have you even disregarded his urge to get a new unit when there was a spring or fall sale going on? Have the words, “Do I really need to replace it now?  It is cooling fine” come out of your mouth before?  You probably regretted all of the above statements when it happened on that hot summer day: your AC stopped cooling. Of course it would happen on a scorching day when temperatures are in the triple digits. At that point, it may be too late to take advantage of promotions—as you would guess, there are usually no sales in the middle of summer or winter (aka when you need them the most). Your next question then is, “How soon can you install my new AC system?” The answer is usually that there’s usually a bit of a wait to get the unit ordered and installed because demand is high.  It’s practically unheard of for mid-summer jobs to come at a discount as its takes the AC technicians longer to complete their jobs in the extreme summer heat. Furthermore, they usually have to work overtime to keep up.

Be proactive.  Don’t wait until your air conditioning and heating system breaks down!  If you do wait, you could be without air conditioning for a few days and it will cost more to replace.  You wouldn’t wait until your car has over 200,000 miles and hope you can drive it cross country.  While the average life of an existing AC system is 12-15 years, we find that many of the systems installed by A-Plus Energy Management, Air Conditioning, & Home Solutions last much longer. In addition, they are more efficient and cost less to operate and use the more “earth friendly” refrigerant, R-410a.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  Check with your AC company and get an honest answer from an AC technician you can trust.  If you are unsure, in the Austin area you can call A-Plus @ 512-450-1980 or email us at hvac99@APlusAC.com .