Don’t Forget to “Deck” your Decks

Decks and patios can create an additional exterior room in your home. It is a great place for a little fresh air during the warm spring months. Proper deck maintenance is key to ensure a long deck life.

Basic Maintenance

  •  Don’t stub your toe – tap down all loose boards and nails.
  •  Replace any damaged, splintering or decaying deck boards.
  •  Wash with a power washer – To remove wood fibers and dirt to get a better seal.
  •  Allow deck to dry fully before applying stain or sealer. Usually this takes approx 48 hours.
  •  Apply stain, paint or sealer to product the deck boards, steps and handrails.

Types of Stain and Sealers

There are 3 main products used on wooden decks to help protect for the outdoor elements, Transparent, Semi-Transparent and solid stain.  Each has a different look, so choosing the right

product is key.  If your deck has never been stained, sealed or painted, you have more options. If you have had product on it, it is best to stick with the same type of product, or go with a more solid product.  It is hard to revert back to a lighter stain.

1.Transparent Stain

Often referred to as deck water sealers, transparent stain allows the grain color of the nature wood to show through.  It is best to reapply every one to two years for best protection.

        2. Semi-Transparent Stain (Opaque)

Semi-Transparent stain is similar to transparent, in that it shows the grain of the wood, however it is tinted with a color.  This stain tends to last for a good few years; however the color will fade with time.  When fading is significant, another coat can be reapplied

        3. Solid Stains

Solid stains do not permeate the deck wood, but rather just sits on top.  It’s more like paint.  Because it does not soak into the wood, solid stains have a tendency of chipping, cracking and

peeling.  If your deck has discolored patterns on the deck boards, it can provide a uniform appearance.  A new coat should be applied once a year.

Ever Heard of Deck Over Paint?

This product is perfect for older decks with lots of cracks and slippery decks that are often wet around pools for instance.  It has the look of a composite deck like surface.  This product easily fills in nail holes, cracks, and has a slightly gritty finish that is slip-resistant.  It is also mildew resistant.  We painted one of our wooden landings here at our office and I can confirm it is very comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Two coats are needed and the paint must be mixed thoroughly before applying to allow for even grit.  If applied properly, the Deck Over deck should last around 5 years.  This paint also has many different color options for you to choose.  If you want to check out this product in person, just swing by our office and we will be more than glad to show you our little deck.