Home Selling Season is Almost Upon Us

City of Austin ECADSpring is in the air here in lovely Austin, Texas, and warmer weather brings home buying season. It’s an exciting time for realtors or for anyone looking to sell a home or condo in Austin.

In 1981 A-Plus helped pioneered the Austin Energy Conservation Program.  With expertise in energy management and conversation, our auditors strive to help inform and improve all home energy efficiency.

Don’t forget the ECAD

Selling a home in Austin, however, requires the seller to obtain a special kind of inspection called an ‘Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure’ (ECAD). Officially termed “ECADs,” ECAD audits examine the energy efficiency of a home or condo in Austin. The ECAD audit focuses on:

  • Insulation
  • Duct systems
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Exterior door weather stripping
  • Plumbing penetrations
  • Glass panes in windows receiving over one hour of direct sunlight daily

Who’s required to obtain an ECAD?

An Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure is required for any home (including duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes) or condo sold that:

Once a dwelling passes the ECAD audit, certification is good for 10 years.

What happens if I sell without ECAD compliance?

Failure to comply with Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure requirement is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by up to $2000 in fines. Austin home sellers must also reveal ECAD results to prospective buyers.

The ECAD requirement largely acts as a consumer-protection mechanism, providing full disclosure of an Austin home’s energy efficiency levels and an estimated cost of monthly utilities.

We’re ECAD certified

A-Plus Energy Management, Air Conditioning & Home Solutions, is certified to perform ECAD audits and many other kinds of audits and independent testing in Austin, Texas, including:

City of Austin ECAD

  • Visual Audits
  • Comprehensive Audits
  • New Construction Audits
  • Third Party Testing
  • Multi-Family Audits

Contact A-Plus today

If you’re about to plunge into spring by selling your home or condo, let the experts at A-Plus Energy Management & Home Solutions, help make sure you meet all necessary requirements for closing the deal.  For more information about our audits, give us a call at 512.450.1980.

We’re experts at Austin home solutions and repair, and we’d be thrilled to partner with you on conducting an Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure in Austin, Texas. For more information, contact A-Plus Energy today.