Avoid Common Home Renovation Pitfalls

Home renovations can be very time consuming, costly and daunting.  Whether you are hiring a professional or taking a more DIY route, familiarize yourself with a few common pitfalls to help make your home renovation go as smoothly as possible.  

Avoid Poor Planning

Before you start swinging the sledge hammer, pick up a pen and paper to develop a plan for your project.  Know exactly what you are doing before you start.   Research and list out every step of your project, tools you will need and of course acquire all materials before starting.  No one wants to go to the hardware store full of sweat and gunk.  Follow the key carpenter’s rule of thumb, measure twice and cut once to avoid costly material waste.  When surprises or unforeseen issues arise, don’t panic.  Go back to the drawing board to save time and money.

Avoid the “Why Did I Think I Could Do That Myself?”

When planning for your project, be realistic with your skill level.  Every contractor can tell stories about cleaning up after homeowner’s messes when their own ego outweighs their ability.  Bringing in a contractor to correct any self inflicted mistakes or pick up half way through a project can defiantly blow the DIYer’s budget.  If you are unsure if you can successfully complete the project or not sure where to begin, it is best to consult the experts before starting any work.

Avoid Fly by Nighters

Now that you have come to the realization that replacing your tile shower surround is really not in your capabilities, do your research and choose a legitimate company for the work.  Make sure the contractors have licenses for Plumbing, Electrical or HVAC work (if needed) and are fully insured.  Be wary of fly by night companies who are rarely around when issues come up with their work.  Check out sources like BBB, Angie’s List, Yelp or Google to read the reviews.  Get all estimates in writing and make sure you fully understand your quote before signing.